More—well, Stupidity!!

I’m not a fan, but singer Katy Perry just can’t get it right.

Now she’s had to pull two styles of shoes because — are you sitting down? —

They’re blackface!!!  Shoes!!!

I tried to find a picture of the offending shoes, slip-on loafers and the other set block-heel sandals, but being the common-sense conservative who doesn’t wear their politically correct feelings on their sleeve as I am, I doubt I would see the problem.  I’d be more concerned about the price:  $129.

UPDATE:  Found a picture.

Before that, Katy was accosted for dressing as a geisha when she performed at the American Music Awards in 2013, and again for wearing corn-rows in her hair in a music video in 2017.

And now Gucci fashions has committed the “blackface sin” and had to remove one of their sweaters from their inventory—maybe.

I say maybe because Bloomingdales removal of a t-shirt with “Fake News” on the front has started an online request for the shirt!  One person tweeted they would take 5, one for the entire family.

A news “reporter” came through and saw the shirt and of course was immediately offended:

“Allison Kaden, who works for PIX11 in New York, according to her Twitter bio, tweeted a photo of Bloomingdale’s “Fake News” shirt at a store Monday, complaining that the item “delegitimizes hard working journalists who bring REAL news to their communties.”

And of course, there are those who won’t accept an apology for anything from anyone.  Pamela Wood of the Baltimore Sun tweeted:

Hi, @bloomingdales. Apologizing “for any offense we may have caused” is not a sincere apology. This is not about journalists’ hurt feelings. This is about damage done to our democracy when your brand joins in perpetuating and celebrating the idea of “fake news.” Please try again.— Pamela Wood (@pwoodreporter) February 11, 2019

I now know there are people who go through their day looking for something by which to be offended, however slight.  I mean, come on, shoes???  A t-shirt on a mannequin?

NBC started this stupidness by using just a comment by Megan Kelly to fire her.  She has never worn blackface, but she made a comment about other people wearing blackface, which was historically correct, but NBC turned it into a — I’ve got to say it — witch hunt to rid themselves of an employee whom THEY decided would be a good addition to their news team.   In other words, as her ratings fell, they cut their losses, paid her some $69 million and bid her goodbye.

Since then, even a picture of coal miners with coal dust on their faces in a bar has been declared “blackface”-ly inappropriate by some — yep, here it is again — journalist.

It’s time to derail this runaway train.

If you go out and look at the “man in the moon” what do you see?

Can you look at the clouds and pick out familiar shapes?

Have you ever heard of people seeing Jesus on a piece of toast or a potato chip?  (Really, look it up.)

Who knows why people see what they see, but when you look for trouble you’ll find it.  But to declare something as offensive based on “popular” politically correct thinking is just wrong.  The late Ann Landers said “If a million people have a bad idea, it’s STILL a bad idea!”

If people continue to police and remove everything they find “offensive” pretty soon there will be no art, no music, nothing of any true creative value or worth.   History will have to be re-written, laws changed, and on and on.  Unless of course the history points out someone’s past “offensive behavior” like wearing blackface at a party which is forever unforgiveable, even if unproven.

It’s the same as someone who doesn’t like beets (me) going to every grocery in town and demanding they remove all beets from their shelves because every time I walk by the produce aisle I get upset when I see beets.  So, I’ll do just that:  Go in every grocery produce aisle, expecting to see beets, already upset about it, and when I do see them (and I know I will!) I can throw my hissy fit to the store manager.

That’s just stupid.  The world doesn’t revolve around me and my dislikes.

It’s past time these people realize it doesn’t revolve around theirs, either.

And the beets will stay in the produce aisle.

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  1. I don’t think we’re supposed to say beets anymore. Too offensive. I think Beta Vulgaris is the prefered nomenclature. And I hope you’re not suggesting all Beta Vulgarises live in ‘aisles’. That sounds a little Beta Vulgarisphobic.


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