Federal Bullies Inc.

The early morning raid on Roger Stone’s house was exactly what Joseph Farrah of WorldNetDaily said:  A show of force to send a threat across America to Trump supporters everywhere.

I agree with everything Farrah says.

I wrote to my congress members and told them the FBI can no longer be trusted as the top law enforcement agency in America.  They are pawns in Mueller’s so-called investigation, and have lowered their trust and credibility to a new level, and it is past time the FBI leadership should be held accountable.

Farrah says while FBI Director Chris Wray was mourning his agents not getting paid, he okayed the raid on Stone’s house with a fully-armored, fully-armed team of agents to take into custody a man who posed no threat to anyone.

And WHY was CNN–the loose cannon of news media–invited to the raid??  They were obviously alerted to the incident about to happen.  But where was NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox?  It was nothing but a propaganda stunt, and to ensure it was done the way they wanted, they picked the news agency that is the biggest purveyor of fake news.

Jerome Corsi has likewise become a target of the Mueller investigation, and, like Stone, has publicly railed against it. In an interview with ABC News last year, Corsi described the investigation as “a horror show” and a true “nightmare.”

“I don’t know what they’re going to charge me with,” Corsi told ABC in a November interview. “I think my only crime was that I support Donald Trump. That’s my crime, and now I’m going to go to prison for the rest of my life for cooperating with them.”

It’s becoming ever more apparent that since there is NO EVIDENCE of “Russian collusion” regarding the election, Mueller has turned to digging up any and every act of the people in his cross-hairs –because they had even the flimsiest connection to the President or his campaign– and badgering them with with charges and jail time in order to get them to witness against President Trump.

Unlike Michael Cohen, Roger Stone has declared he “not will turn against Trump.”

Stone’s 24-page indictment mentions Trump or Trump campaign no less than 28 times.   It says Stone “was an official on the U.S. presidential campaign of Donald J. Trump” until August 2015, “and maintained regular contact with and publicly supported the Trump campaign through the 2016 election.” (emphasis added)

So Mueller is using as a litmus test of “criminals” the support of the Trump campaign and now support of the President.

Guilty by association, not innocent until proven guilty.  So much for Constitutional due process.

Barack Hussein Obama weaponized the IRS and the FBI to target Republican and conservative people and groups.  The Bureau of Land Management, Department of Education, Environmental Protection Agency, and the Department of Homeland Security were also infiltrated by Obama appointees, and we are still discovering the depth of influence they have.   He nearly gutted the military, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and the Border Patrol.

By doing so, he set the stage for what we’re seeing now.

President Trump– whom I still support — has tirelessly worked to set right the wrong found in these agencies, yet still some of the players have escaped prosecution, while those whose “crime” is not a crime at all have been indicted under an unconstitutional investigation kept alive by liberals and the Main-Stream Media and a “special prosecutor” all who have only one agenda:

The destruction of Donald Trump.