Do NOT Trust Mainstream Media

There was an avalanche of blame-and-shame throwing by the media, from the Rolling Stone mag to the Times to the Washington Post to (of course) CNN when little 7-year-old Jakelin Caal Maquin died last week.

Brent Bozell, President of CNS news, relates the facts and the spin by major media:

“The child was traveling with her father and reportedly had not had food or water for days. Her father didn’t report her as ill when they were taken into custody. He signed a form saying she was well. He initially told officials in their native Guatemala he was grateful for the medical attention given by the Border Patrol.

The truth simply doesn’t matter. Fakery is the shameless order of business in this industry today. Anything goes in the continuing assault against President Trump and his policies, most especially where the left’s top-shelf issues, immigration and abortion, are concerned.

The government counted at least 281 people who have died in 2018 while attempting to cross the border, often under harsh desert conditions. The vast majority doesn’t make the news, because there is a better anecdote when the victim is 7 and she was in federal custody. And it is that which must be discussed.”

He goes on to say that no matter what the truth is, major news companies twist, edit, manipulate, and spin the story to meet the political agenda of the left.

The troublesome thing about this is, the American People have been so brainwashed by TV news stations they believe they are getting the truth– which is simply NOT the truth!  It’s amazing how many people watch CNN!  Many of the restaurants I visit, doctors’ waiting rooms, etc., have CNN turned on.  I’ve decided that when I see CNN on a TV, I’m going to ask them to change the channel.  (And if they ask why, I’ll educate them on FAKE NEWS.)

The only way to make a difference in what and how they report is to go after the companies who advertise during news programs.  If only Americans would say to these companies ‘if you keep supporting these news companies and their agenda-based news, we’re not going to buy your product.’

Money talks, but the lack of money shouts.