Religious Liberty in Jeopardy

If you receive Tony Perkins’ Washington Update you’ve read about this.  Here is a synopsis of his November 15 report :

If the House Democrats get their way, the Religious Freedom Restoration Act will be nullified, and religious liberty as we know it will disappear. Only 3 members of Congress voted against it in 1993, and President Clinton signed it into law. 25 years ago there was no religious freedom controversy. Today, nearly 200 elected Congress Members are working and co-sponsoring bills that will gut the First Amendment of the religious freedom clause.

We can hope that as long as the GOP controls the Senate, none of those bills will be passed.

But if they would be successful, the Supreme Court rulings which were victories for religious liberty, like the Hobby Lobby case and Masterpiece Cake Shop case, would be wiped out. Writing in the Washington Examiner, Earnest Istook said “… one of the people behind this push is about to become the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.). Of course, he and the rest of his party want you to believe that Democrats wouldn’t destroy RFRA, they’d just carve out areas where it wouldn’t apply — like marriage, sexual orientation, gender identity, abortion, health care, and any other area where long standing religious beliefs clashed with the vogue values of the Lefts’ agenda.”

David French wrote in the National Review it doesn’t take long when among secular progressives to encounter the “sneering, anti-Christian elitist” mindset. Yale’s Stephen Carter wrote, “When you mock Christians, you’re not mocking who you think you are.” French also points out that the Pew Research Center said “In their beliefs, nonwhite Democrats more closely resemble Republicans than white Democrats.”

The Left knows this; that’s why they spend so much time pushing a racist mentality on everyone. What we all should remember is politics is never about race–it’s about control. And one of the best ways to gain control is to pit one side against the other, one race against another, even men against women, to sustain the chaos in society that gives them the control they desire.

Controlling what is preached and taught in the church is one of the tenets of Marxism.   It allows for “religion” but not true religious freedom– it is the religion of the State as god,  “providing” for the people while forcing them into economic slavery and poverty.  If they can control Education, Commerce (food), and Religion, in time the government will collapse and be replaced by a Socialist regime.  By creating open borders, elections become a farce, as they always are in countries under Totalitarian governments.

Repealing the Religious Freedom Restoration Act would be the tip of the iceberg, because the rest of the first Amendment would quickly become fair game, as would the rest of the Constitution.