Privileged Guilt

DePauw U. has offered students a “guide” on how to “navigate issues surrounding racism, homophobia, xenophobia, classism, and other systems of oppression.”  It has articles that examines “white fragility”, “privilege guilt”, LBGT rights, and on and on.  Needless to say, the whole thing is left-leaning.

One article on white fragility argues that “white fragility” is a demonstration of how white individuals “have extremely low thresholds for enduring any discomfort associated with challenges to our racial worldviews.”

What does that mean?  How is “white fragility” demonstrated?   What is a “racial world view”?  That very phrase sounds racist to me.

According to the article, it makes white people uncomfortable to see a black person in a position of leadership because it “challenges white authority.”  Also it stresses white people out to talk openly about race, and “suggesting group membership is significant, which challenges individuality.”   So individuality is a white thing?

BUT!  The profs who critiqued the article denied that reverse racism even exists.  In other words, ONLY white people are — or even can be– racist!!

That’s just stupid, and it’s a lie.

Another article in this guide is called “True Solidarity:  Moving Past Privilege Guilt” .  Apparently “privilege guilt” prevents a person from working against oppression.  (What do they mean by “oppression”?)  Yet the end of this article concludes with ” … “you are ultimately responsible for your own bias, education, awareness, and learning as you continue to get older and learn more.”

Wait.  So, this guilt I’m supposed to feel (because I’m white??) may NOT actually prevent me from fighting “oppression” because it is up to ME to be responsible for my actions and beliefs, and therefore if I want to fight against “oppression” I can!

Oppression and solidarity have a different meaning for these people.  Oppression translates to promoting lawlessness, and solidarity means acting out in violence together in the belief of fighting “oppression”, and it has absolutely nothing to do with race and the color of your skin; it is bucking the system, fighting authority, and creating chaos wherever and whenever they can, and they don’t need much of a reason to do it.

It’s because of books and “guides” like DePauw is using that causes the race card to be played every time the “offense” is against any race but white, and the Liberal Media is the first to jump on that wagon.  They spend hours and days talking about two men getting kicked out of Starbucks, but barely mention two police officers murdered in a diner just hours later.

It spills over to immigration and those who oppose securing our borders, who remain silent about thugs, gangs, and criminals who are repeat offenders even after being deported several times and are allowed to return to the United States to continue committing crime.

Brittany Hughes of MRCTV said it, and I agree:  “It’s time to stop saying ‘I’m Sorry’ to the liberals.”  If they don’t like what we say and do, then they can take their own advice and start practicing “tolerance, inclusivity, and acceptance.”

And if they can’t do that, then that’s their problem.