How Much Do We Take?

First, the United States Congress is full of self-righteous, self-aggrandizing, self-centered, egotistical, power-mongering, whore-mongering, greedy, scumbags who call themselves politicians! They lie to the very people who voted them into office (maybe they were voted in, maybe not) and take every effort to keep them from knowing the truth about what’s going on in Washington.

Every Senator and Representative should receive minimum pay, a minimum travel allowance, NO PENSION, pay their own health insurance, and buy their own lunch. (just thought I’d throw that in) They should NOT be eligible for body-guards from the CIA, Secret Service, Metro PD, or any other armed government service unless they pay for it themselves OR they get training and become an armed citizen like most of the “deplorables.” They should have the same options for privacy, health care, self-protection, etc., that “common” people have, and no more.

They shouldn’t have more than one or two office employees or aids. And “satellite offices” are on their own nickel. If they would stop spending so much time being all of the things I mentioned in the first paragraph, they would have the time to do something useful themselves and they might actually get some decent laws passed.

I really believe we need to stop electing lawyers to congress. Every joke you’ve ever heard about lawyers and their less-than-sterling reputation applies to Congress. Laws don’t have to be written in fancy legalese to make them laws. It’s just another way of being in control.

We have idolized Congress too long.  We need to stop treating them like celebrities.  we need to treat them like our employees, and when they don’t do what we ask, we need to hold them accountable.  We have forgotten THEY work for US, and we have allowed them to become our decision makers on everything from health care to farming practices to illegal immigration to educating our children.

In other words, they are NOT working for the PEOPLE.

It’s time to change that.