Pompeo Should Be Confirmed

The confirmation of Mike Pompeo as Secretary of State is getting a lot of attention and a lot of opposition, which to me indicates he’s probably the best man for the job.

After President Trump sent Pompeo on a clandestine trip to North Korea as a preface of the summit meeting between Kim Jung Un and President Trump, even some Democrats conceded it was a necessary thing to cement the groundwork for the talks. Senator Bob Menendez (D-N.J.) was incensed that he was not told about the secret trip by Pompeo in “private meetings.” In other words, Menendez as well as others are not concerned with the positive outcome of the trip, they are only concerned they were not deemed important enough to be included on the President’s plan–which they no doubt would have leaked to the press in an effort to stop it.

That’s the way Washington works now.

The Council on American Islamic Relations, the National Iranian American Council, Planned Parenthood, Moveon.org, and other far-left groups are inundating the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to vote him down on the grounds Pompeo is an “Islamophobe.”

Yet Senator Corey Booker (D-N.J.) thought it more important to attack Pompeo on his Christian beliefs about same-sex marriage, and along with at least 5 other Democrats announced their intent to vote against Pompeo because of it.  (Booker has claimed he is going to be the “next Obama” and will run for President in 2020.)

Which is more important: A Secretary of State who is able to meet with a dangerous world leader and persuade him a meeting with our President is in the best interest of the world, or a Secretary of State who will kowtow to one of the smallest groups of American citizens –the LGBT community– and ignore the threats of a mad man with his finger on the nuclear trigger?

About being an “Islamophobe”:  It is an undeniable fact that terrorist groups are born and bred in Muslim countries.  People of Muslim countries practice Islam.  If standing against the barbaric violence of terrorists who want nothing more than to see Americans dead and the United States destroyed means you are an ‘Islamophobe”, then you can count me as one.

The use of the word to describe any one who does not believe in Islam is itself evidence of the hypocrisy of those who use it.  They preach tolerance but practice intolerance; they preach peace but practice violence and aggression.

Every Christian, in their eyes, is an “Islamophobe.”

As well we should be.