I’m Sorry, Starbucks

It appears businesses no longer have the right to keep their businesses from being used as a loitering place, especially so if the ones loitering are black.  Frankly, I doubt there would even have been a news story had those gentlemen been white, in fact, I’m sure of it.  Nor would there have been an uproar on social media, because the facts– at least the facts given on social media– don’t align with the liberal, leftist, racist, snowflake, crybaby ideas.

I’m pretty sure up to now when a business asks a person to leave their premises, they *were* required by law to do so under trespassing laws.  Most of the time it isn’t a problem (at least not that we hear about), but in this case we really don’t know all the facts.  The facts that were glaringly thrust at us via National News was the gentlemen were black and the cops were white.

SOMETHING made the manager of that coffee shop uncomfortable.  Also, it was reported they had not purchased any thing, no coffee, nothing to eat, etc.   It is reported they asked to use the bathroom, and were refused because they had purchased nothing and they were asked to leave.

They refused, and the cops were called.  People (witnesses) say the men did nothing wrong.  Actually they did:  They refused to obey a law enforcement officer who was legally doing his job when he asked them to leave the store–as requested by the store manager.   The Philadelphia Police Commissioner and Chief of Police said the officers did nothing wrong.

It doesn’t matter that perhaps the men should not have been asked to leave, it doesn’t matter what the “store policy” is, at that point in time they were wrong.  But it didn’t have to be that way:  If you obey a cops orders things will always go a lot more smoothly for you.  Period.

According to reports they were held for 8 hours and released.

Now that the social media trial has been held, the liberal press has announced the verdict of guilty.  Starbucks is going to lose thousands of dollars in time and business in closing their stores for “re-training” their employees against “unconscious bias” (whatever that is), besides the loss in business of people who have decided to “punish” Starbucks by not buying from them.

I have not been able to confirm it, but in an early report I believe I remember the store manager was a black woman.  I do know the manager was female.  Depending on what reports you want to believe, she may or may not be still employed by Starbucks.

One of the things that really troubles me about all this is many, many of the news reports are rife with quotes from Twitter and other social media.

I find it incredible that any reporter would treat hash-tag-anything as truth or fact in these kinds of events.

The sad fact is, it’s easier than real reporting of real facts.





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