America Was Warned about North Korea

UPDATE: After this was written, NOKO fired a missile over northern Japan in total disregard of the warning from the United States and the UN.


Here’s some information from Chuck Norris on  He’s not an alarmist, he is one of the good guys, not afraid to speak his mind, and as he says, he wants the truth, and knows national media doesn’t always report everything they know or what the government knows.

Ambassador R. James Woolsey was director of the Central Intelligence Agency from 1993 to 1995, a veteran of four presidential administrations, and he is one of the nation’s leading intelligence experts.

Peter Vincent Pry is executive director of the Task Force on National and Homeland Security, director of the U.S. Nuclear Strategy Forum, both Congressional Advisory Boards, served as chief of staff of the Congressional Electromagnet Pulse, or EMP, Commission, the Congressional Strategic Posture Commission, the House Armed Services Committee and the CIA. He also administrates the excellent and informative website Family Security Matters: Engaging American Families in Our Nation’s Security.

Together, Ambassador Woolsey and Pry issued a warning to the American people and a rebuff against media and the government in their article, “How North Korea could kill 90 percent of Americans.”

In it they give the following sequential evidence:

“Eight years ago, in 2008, the CIA’s top East Asia analyst publicly stated North Korea successfully miniaturized nuclear warheads for delivery on its Nodong medium-range missile. The Nodong is able to strike South Korea and Japan or, if launched off a freighter, even the United States.

In 2011, the director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, Lt. General Ronald Burgess, testified before the Senate Armed Services Committee that North Korea has weaponized its nuclear devices into warheads for arming ballistic missiles.

On April 7, 2015, at a Pentagon press conference, Admiral William Gortney, then Commander of North American Aerospace Defense (NORAD), responsible for protecting the U.S. from long-range missiles, warned that the intelligence community assesses North Korea’s KN-08 mobile ICBM could strike the U.S. with a nuclear warhead.

And on October 7, 2015, Gortney again warned the Atlantic Council: ‘I agree with the intelligence community that we assess that they [North Koreans] have the ability, they have the weapons, and they have the ability to miniaturize those weapons, and they have the ability to put them on a rocket that can reach the [U.S.] homeland.’

In February and March of 2015, former senior national security officials of the Reagan and Clinton administrations warned that North Korea should be regarded as capable of delivering by satellite a small nuclear warhead, specially designed to make a high-altitude electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack against the United States. According to the Congressional EMP Commission, a single warhead delivered by North Korean satellite– they launched one in 2012 and another in 2014 that fly over the U.S. every 94 minutes– could blackout the national electric grid and other life-sustaining critical infrastructures for over a year – killing up to nine of 10 Americans by starvation and societal collapse.”

Iran has just boosted their military and missile programs by another $800 million.  It’s a pretty sure bet there is collusion between North Korea and Iran, especially when it comes to nuclear missile technology.   The bond between North Korea and Iran is “the enemy of your enemy is your friend.” They have both declared the United States as their enemy.

Don’t be surprised if Iran makes a nuclear missile threat against American military bases in Europe and the Middle East as well as against Israel.

President Trump convinced the UN Security Council to unanimously admonish North Korea for making threats, and the missile launch against Guam was “postponed.”

Now we wait and watch, and pray that attack never happens.

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  1. If we believe that those 2 Korean satellites could have a nuclear weapon on board why haven’t we destroyed them?


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