Regrowing Military Strength

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In the first 5 years of Obama’s reign, he purged 197 officers from the armed services, all career veterans. 37 of those were 4-star generals.

In 2013 alone, 9 ranking generals or admirals were dismissed with little or no explanation other than they “resigned and retired”, along with other stated grounds for dismissal ranging from “leaving blast doors on nukes open” to “loss of confidence in command ability” to “mishandling of funds” to “inappropriate relationships” to “gambling with counterfeit chips” to “inappropriate behavior” to “low morale in troops commanded.”

These 9 removals included the sacking of two nuclear commanders in a single week — Maj. Gen. Michael Carey, head of the 20th Air Force, responsible for the three wings that maintain control of the 450 intercontinental ballistic missiles, and Vice Adm. Tim Giardina, the No. 2 officer at U.S. Strategic Command.

Almost all of the allegations were unproven, not investigated, and not reported on again.

Obama had a deep mistrust of military leaders, and believed they all plotted against him. The depth of his paranoia is unheard of in the American presidency, and reflects his true anti-American agenda. The only reason of these dismissals was to thwart any opposition coming from military leaders who didn’t agree with him.

He often spoke of “my military” and he started immediately after his election in 2008 to form it into weak-kneed, leaderless, anarchy-driven military such as is worthy of any dictator.

‘Robert M. Gates, Mr. Obama’s first defense secretary, wrote in his memoirs that Mr. Obama deeply distrusts military leaders and suspects them of conspiring against him.

He said in his memoir, “Duty,” “I think Obama considered time spent with generals and admirals an obligation.”

Mr. Gates’ successor, Leon E. Panetta, wrote in his memoir, “Worthy Fights,” that Mr. Obama saw generals who swayed from his talking points as conspirators. One incident involved a disagreement over troop levels in Afghanistan.

 Some of these officers were dismissed after publicly denouncing or disagreeing with White House policy, or after their staff made remarks about white house officials that were made public.

Now we see the chance to rebuild and regrow America’s armed forces into what they should be: The deadliest, most efficient, best trained, best equipped, and most deployable world-wide force on the planet.

Gary Bauer’s End of Day Report of 08/22/17 says: (emphasis added)

“The president’s critics say that Donald Trump can never admit a mistake. Well, last night he candidly said that before he took office his instincts told him to pull out of Afghanistan. But after sitting in the Oval Office, studying the issue and receiving the advice of his generals, he changed his mind. Rather than withdrawing from Afghanistan, the president said this:

“First, our nation must seek an honorable and enduring outcome worthy of the tremendous sacrifices that have been made. . . The men and women who serve our nation in combat deserve a plan for victory. . .

A hasty withdrawal would create a vacuum that terrorists, including ISIS and al Qaeda, would instantly fill. . . We cannot repeat in Afghanistan the mistake our leaders made in Iraq.

There are major differences between what Trump announced last night and the policy Obama pursued. At its peak, Obama had roughly 100,000 men in Afghanistan and 100,000 handcuffs to prevent them from doing what they are trained to do — to fight and to win. Trump will have only a fraction of that force, but he made it clear that they are going after the enemy.

Obama infamously ordered a surge into Afghanistan and also announced the date when the surge would be drawn down. Trump refused to do that, adding that results on the ground would determine when we are finished. He also made it clear that he would not tolerate continued duplicity from Pakistan, which has given terrorists a safe haven.

President Trump said that we will work with India, the world’s largest democracy, toward the goal of India assuming more responsibility for its own “backyard.” And he insisted that our NATO allies contribute more to the war effort.

Perhaps most importantly, the president abandoned the idea that America’s military should be deployed for nation-building, saying, “We are not nation-building again. We are killing terrorists.”

Nation-building is not difficult when there is a Western tradition of self-government, liberty and dissent. But we are not going to turn an Islamic culture with the second-lowest literacy rate into a thriving republic. It is unfair to ask our warriors to do that. “

Hopefully the rules of engagement will drastically change for our troops in the Middle East and everywhere else.  Surely the military will no longer be required to do such things as drop pamphlets hours before an air strike on terrorists compounds in order to prevent “collateral damage.”

War is war. Innocent people die in wars. When our military is required to proclaim each and every move to the enemy, there is no way of winning. It doesn’t take a lot of experience to figure that out.

America must again become Freedom’s Protector. We have the most unique Constitution ever written, and it is as relevant today as it was when it went into effect March 4, 1789. We should not force other countries to adopt our Constitution, but we can prevent tyrants and terrorists world-wide from forcing their style of government onto other countries, and give those countries the opportunity to form their own governments based on the same inalienable rights of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

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