The Downward Spiral of Education

A student named MacKenzie attends Evergreen State College in Washington.  She has been told she is not allowed to talk about any issue at the school because she is white, and therefore she is a “white supremacist” for offering any kind of a viewpoint on anything, apparently even in the classroom.

A college librarian at New York University said she was suffering “racial fatigue” because of the presence of white people following an academic conference.

Assistant Professor Sarah Bond at the University of Iowa has declared ancient artwork, like sculptures in white marble, contribute to “white supremacist ideas today.”  She implied that it probably took just one white marble statue to influence the “false construction of race.”  She said using white marble was an 18th century construct of beauty rather than representative of the classical view. (

According to Bond, “the equation of white marble with beauty is not an inherent truth of the universe.”  Maybe she just doesn’t like sculpture?

Someone else said beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  (Margaret Wolfe Hungerford, Molly Bawn, 1878)

Back to Evergreen College.

“Progressive” students demanded the administration allow a “day of absence” in which all white people were removed from campus.  MacKenzie, student leaders, and a professor, Bret Weinstein, attempted to address the Board of Trustees last week to speak out against the issue.  Weinstein reported to the Daily Caller he was literally driven from campus.

The activists actually formed a militia, armed with baseball bats, to do “community policing.”  Weinstein said anyone who did not agree with the protesters were stalked, harassed, even kidnapped and unlawfully detained, including faculty and administrators.  He said for days, the school was not under control of the state, but was under control of the gangs of protesters.  Police who tried to intervene were told to stand down by the college president, and were prohibited from doing their job.

Weinstein said the policies designed to protect students, faculty, staff, and police were suspended by President George Bridges giving activists freedom to do what ever they wanted.

Let’s recheck:  Colleges and universities are supposed to be centers for learning, thinking, training in vocations, arts, and the promotion of academia in various fields and endeavors, etc., and don’t forget sports.  What seems to be lacking is teaching students to think for themselves; to be independent of peer pressure, to be responsible for their actions, and to be civil to those who disagree with you, and use educated persuasion to change the minds of others.

Any college or university who allows the presence of a professor or administrator who condones any action antithetical to a sound education should not receive state funds, nor should they receive private endowments until they prove themselves worthy of that kind of support.

Higher education is literally going down the tubes.  It’s locked in a downward spiral because of now-accepted aberrations in educational philosophy.  You can’t reward students into being intelligent, just like you can’t teach someone to cook by pouring flour in their ear.

Higher education is good, but not good everywhere.  Universities are not what they used to be, they do not have the same atmosphere, either socially or politically, they had even 10 years ago.  Dr. Thomas Sowell said “Too much of what is called “education” is little more than an expensive isolation from reality.”

The dumber Americans become, the closer we get to losing our freedom.