Press Tantrum Continues

The American Press has spent more time and broadcast more “reports” on Russian hacking-collusion-meetings-campaign tampering (and whatever else you want to call it) than on anything else.

Anything else includes what American’s say — according to Bloomberg National Polls — is really important to them, like healthcare, jobs, terrorism, and immigration.

Only 6 percent cited the Russian investigation as being a priority.  The other 94% most likely believe Russia is almost always in the news, so what?  It’s been that way for years!  And they ignore it.  They are still waiting for the “smoking gun” that is REAL, not a far-reaching conclusion by some news company that Russia determined the outcome of an American presidential election.

Yet the A-B-C news companies and other national news organizations insist on continuing to feed Americans a daily regimen of accusations and speculations revolving around Russian interference and/or collusion with the Trump Administration before, during, and after the election.

It’s like a drowning man grasping at a straw.

Perhaps more like a child continuing to throw a tantrum for not getting what they want.

The press is the biggest perpetrator of lies, misinformation, and disinformation that feeds the barbaric side of social reaction and politically motivated activists who take it upon themselves to punish America for electing Donald Trump (who they somehow blame for everything that has happened in the last 50 years).

Simply put, the hate is being encouraged by the national press.  It’s propaganda in form:  it’s exaggerated statements, some being false, that are intended to persuade people into accepting an idea or belief which is being presented as truth.

We should question everything a national news reporter says, and engage logic and reason in the process.

Adding their voice to the diatribe are actors, singers, entertainers, sports celebrities, and various and assorted TV personalities, all of whom are suddenly political analysts with the same description of Trump.  All they can do is repeat each other and the National Press.   Yet they make ridiculous amounts of money, and will continue to do so no matter who is in the White House.   Some of them proclaim a hate for “capitalism” while they deposit their money in the bank.

The National News media should learn that we are tired of their actions and agenda, and if they continue to do as they have done up to now, we won’t watch their news program.

They need to know the American people don’t like being force-fed an agenda of fake news, lies, opinion, and misinformation.  A “half-truth” is still a lie, and opinion is still just that, the opinion of one individual (or in this case the opinion of one CEO or editor), and should not be presented as fact.

You don’t have to call New York or wherever to let them know:  Just contact your local TV station and tell them your TV will be off for the national news segment. Then, write a letter to the editor of your paper and let local businesses know their ads won’t be seen during a national news telecast.  Contact your cable TV provider and tell them the same thing.  We should do the same for all the news programs like Dateline, Meet the Press, Today, and others.

Ratings equal advertisements which equal money.  Money talks, but the lack of money shouts.

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  1. Right on!!! I watch very little national news. It disgusts me how they disrespect the President of our country.


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