Education Hijacked



Two dozen Republican members of Congress believe you and I, taxpayers, should pay for castration and vaginal construction for transvestite males, double mastectomies of healthy breasts for male-posing women as well as their artificial penises, and hormones administered to the opposite sex.

This is for the United States military.

The Hartzler amendment to the House appropriations bill would have stopped the military from paying for this nonsense following an illegitimate Obama executive order. But all the Democrats in the House, and 24 Republicans, kept this amendment from passing.

So delusions can dictate reality, and our military is that much more corrupted.

No federal civil right exists for gender-confused behavior, nor for homosexual behavior, for that matter. Yet because of Obama’s diabolical executive orders, Congress now must unravel the resulting social engineering chaos.

There is some good news. At last, Congress is considering a bill to limit the rush to redefine gender in federal law. Just introduced, H.R. 2796 would continue to define “male” to mean biological male, and females likewise under existing law.

–Linda Harvey, Mission America

So now the United States Congress must pass a law that defines “male” and “female”!

How many states have already passed legislation defining marriage as a union of a man and a woman.

How long can we as a nation ignore what is so obvious, so grounded in scientific data, that there are many markers in our DNA that makes us either male or female at birth that will never change, can never be changed, no matter how many hormones are used or what surgery is performed?

From a Biblical viewpoint, God doesn’t make humans any other way except male and female when speaking of sexual identity.

Man makes humans into things other than what God intended.

I have friends and family who are gay.  While I don’t condone their lifestyle, neither do I have a right to condemn them, in fact, especially family, I do my best to love them without condition.

What good would it do to hate them, or ignore them, or shun them?

But I have to ask, why should taxpayers be forced to pay for expensive surgeries to promote a transgender lifestyle, which is a personal choice?  Why does a minority group have such power over Congess?  Why are they refusing to pass bills like the Hartzler bill?

Most insurance companies won’t pay for what they deem comestic surgery.  How is this different?  Choosing to alter the way you look for whatever reason is a choice made by each individual for any number of reasons.

But what really is alarming is the indoctrination of school children by activist teachers and administrators who are a member of or support the LGBTQ agenda.  They are wrongly ignoring the rights of school-age children and their parents.  Under the Obama interpretation of Title IX, schools were told they must tolerate, promote, and even encourage homosexual and transgender behavior in students on and off of school property.

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos was reluctant to rescind the Obama bathroom order which allowed boys who “thought they are girls” to shower and dress in the girl’s locker room and use the girl’s restrooms.  President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions told her to to do it ‘or else.”  Yet DeVos remains a champion for LGBTQ lifestyles.

In her own rebellion, she hired an open lesbian, Candice Jackson, as head of the DOE Civil Rights office.  Jackson calls herself a “Libertarian Conservative” activist, and actually worked to get Trump elected as president.  (I believe her idea of “conservative” is different than mine.)

The DOE Civil Rights office just issued a memorandum that schools must look out for the “rights” of transgender students – in other words, support them in this delusion. And schools must go along with the chosen pronouns of a gender-confused student or else face a possible federal investigation.  So for all practical purposes, the Obama order remains in effect.

It completely ignores the rights of teachers and other students.

It is my contention that if a school does in fact allow the promotion of the LGBTQ indoctrination during school hours on school property, THAT is when they should lose federal funding.  If they are going to allow such behavior, whether it be written materials, videos, or school assemblies, etc., then every student’s parents should be made aware of such indoctrination, and allowed to opt-out their student(s).

PARENTS are the ultimate authority in such things, and if the school is going to ignore that authority, then the parents should remove their children from that school.

This is America; we don’t have to allow our students to be taught a life-style we don’t agree with.  That’s not really what school should be.