Which Party?

The liberal National Press, particularly the news broadcast companies on TV, are putting on the biggest propaganda campaign ever seen by any news organization.  The continued ranting about “Russian collusion”, “hackers”, “meetings” (whatever that’s supposed to mean), and everything they can dream up concerning the Trump Administration and Russia is not only fake news, it’s mostly downright lies to make it a criminal offense.  They are foaming at the mouth to take Trump down.

Have they taken a good look at the United States Congress?  Do they see any of the greed and avarice and self-indulgence by non-reported trips to other countries by Senators and Representatives?  You want collusion?  Look at the lobby industry and the perks and promises international businesses make to our congress members.

The fact is, not only is the Liberal Press scared of President Trump’s honesty and openness, so are a great number of members of Congress.  They are comfortable in the lifestyle they have begged, borrowed, and stolen from their constitutents, and they don’t want to give it up for anything.

The real concern comes in realizing the scammers outnumber the good guys in Congress, and with the help of the Liberal Press they are able to control the information that comes out of the capital.  Neither group is interested in doing what is good for the country, they are interested in padding their own pockets and controlling the people.

It is of little consequence these days which party a member of Congress represents.   The fact is, they represent the party— not the people.

When the government is more committed to supporting each party rather than the people, there might as well not be different parties.

And in case you’re wondering, that’s a definition of Communism.


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