Trump Trumps Transgenders

Finally, a move to make the American armed forces into what it used to be before Obama started his social experiments and used our soldiers and sailors as guinea pigs.  The idea of the U.S. military paying for elective surgery for sex-change operations using tax-payers money is wrong in so many ways.

The progressive, liberal, politically correct crowd are now going to come out and call the president many things, although after the first few hours they’ll just be repeating each other and it will continue to sound like the broken record it always does coming from liberals and the LGBTQ community.  There are only so many bad words and foul names in the English language.

A Rasmussen Report telephone survey said only 12% of active duty soldiers thought that Obama’s order of allowing transgendered individuals to serve is good for the military.   Any straight member of the military–man or woman– is more interested and concerned in being a good soldier without having to worry about the person next to them “checking them out.”

There’s a relationship that exists in a military unit that is an alliance built on unquestioned trust that must exist during times of combat.  But a transgendered person no longer has the core emotional stability to support themselves or others in times of life and death.  They might succeed for a while, but there’s always a question in the minds of others if their moral obligation of right and wrong is solid.  Whether that is politically correct or not is moot, that’s the way it is.

It’s not the same as men working with women.  While women may not always match the physical strength of their male team mates, women are every bit as capable in carrying out their duties.   The controversy of women in combat will no doubt continue to be a long-debated issue, but it doesn’t involve medical procedures to make them (or the men) into something they are not, i.e. the opposite sex.  If you don’t think women have the emotional fortitude necessary, consider the fact they are the only ones God equipped to bear children!

The liberals and LGBT activists have chosen to ignore the increase in drop of enlistments, early outs by servicemen, and the rising suicide rates in the military, along with the increased same-sex assaults that the press refuses to report.  Not one of the top brass nor their officers could explain how Obama’s policies strengthened any part of the military, but in fact deeply curtailed recruitment, readiness, and retention.  Add to this the staggering medical bill of transgender “treatment” and loss in deployment time of $3.7 BILLION dollars.  It’s plain someone in the Pentagon should be held accountable for such misappropriations of defense funding.

Tony Perkins’ Washington Update quoted Defense Secretary James Mattis, saying that “service members [are] spending too much time on senseless training that is really a waste of time.”  Instead of preparing for war, they were being required to attend LGBTQ “sensitivity” training.

Why?  Because that’s what the LGBTQ and their supporters wanted, and that’s what Obama gave them, even though he had to dismiss a lot of admirals and generals to get it done.

So does President Trump’s decision to ban transgenders in the military, encouraged by his top generals, make them all homophobic?  No, it makes them realists.  It keeps them responsible for building the best military in the world; if this is what it takes, this is what they should do.