Trust. One thing that is earned by responsible, persistent, actions as promised to another. And it’s something very easily damaged or lost. Kind of like a reputation. They often go hand-in-hand, and are nearly synonymous. However, reputation can mean trustworthy, but it can mean NOT trustworthy. Trust is valuable, carrying a weight born out of … Continue reading Trust


We have all been branded with a “scarlet letter” because of how we look, think, do, and believe. Because I’m a parent, I’m a terrorist. Because I’m white, I’m racist. Because I’m male, I’m sexist. Because I’m old, I’m prejudiced. Because I’m straight, I’m homophobic. Because I believe in Right and Wrong, I’m intolerant. Because … Continue reading Branded

The Walking Dead, part 2

You might call them "spiritual zombies."  (Although I, nor anyone I know, have never seen a 'zombie' like on tv.) John wrote  in the 3rd chapter of his epistle: 18 Whoever believes in him (that is, Jesus) is not condemned, but whoever does not believe stands condemned already because they have not believed in the name … Continue reading The Walking Dead, part 2

Mercy and Judgment

Three blind men were taken to an elephant, and asked to describe it. One, feeling the tail, said an elephant is like a rope. Another, feeling the trunk, said an elephant is like a snake. The third, feeling a leg, said an elephant is like a tree. Spiritual blindness also prevents people from seeing the … Continue reading Mercy and Judgment