There May Be Another Way

CBN reports that as Russia continues to invade Ukraine, the United States continues to buy Russian oil.

Apparently the left thinks it’s okay for Americans to pay for the Russian war on Ukraine at American gas pumps.

So………  Perhaps it’s time Americans start telling the left – and the big oil companies (who I’m sure are unhappy with the current situation) – that we can make our own sanctions:

By not buying gas.

By now, most of us are only buying gas when we need it, to get to work, to school… and while it’s a good idea to keep your gas tanks full, economists say if we can affect just a 3% reduction of income at the pumps, the big oil companies set up and take notice.

So we need to make a 10% reduction at the pumps.  Or more.

Car pool more.  Take turns driving to work with your neighbors.  Ask your driving kids to take you to work or vice versa.  Drive slower – it takes less gas!

As they say, money talks; but the absence of money screams.  It’s time to stop buring Russian gas in American cars.