Melting Freedom

When I was 14 years old I was given the privilege of attending The Missouri Freedom Forum. It was a week-long seminar for young people that taught the truth about communism, socialism, and Marxism, and the disastrous results from them.

I’ve carried those lessons with me my entire life. Now over 70, I literally come to the point of weeping when I see what is happening in America.

I see young people who have no clue what socialism really is, and they don’t understand that it has never worked anywhere in the world, yet they embrace it. They believe capitalism is a bad thing, religion is something to be shunned, and they buy into the lie that government knows what is best for the people.

Someone said our banks look like churches, our churches look like schools, and our schools look like prisons.

Too often our banks no longer work for the good of their customers, but rather work for the power over and control of each customer’s finances.

Our churches have ignored the political workings of this country for so long, they no longer have much influence outside their walls. Preaching sermons that touch on political issues will get a pastor fired faster than immoral conduct.

Our schools no longer teach our children how to read and write and do math, but teach them that they are entitled to anything they want, and they deserve it even if they don’t work for it. And history is being rewritten to make America look like the bad guy in the world.

Colleges and universities are little more than breeding grounds for political activists, with professors and even administrators pushing socialism in their classrooms. They have a one-sided sense of “freedom” especially when it comes to those who oppose or reject their ideas. Those people are declared racist first, then hateful, ignorant, intolerant, out of touch – you get the point. Incredibly, some campuses have even made segregated areas where white students are not allowed. (If there was ever something that spit on the legacy of Rosa Parks and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., that’s one. They worked against segregation.)

Medical schools, hospitals, and doctors have thrown the Hippocratic Oath out the window, with most med schools not even requiring students to know it, let alone sign it. The only ethics in most hospitals is situational and based on income more than patient care. The insurance companies control our health care system simply because they control the greatest amount of money that goes into it. When the government tries to get involved in the medical industry, it’s a double whammy on people because it really doesn’t make healthcare any more affordable, it just shifts control to politicians or appointed people who are not health care professionals.

(I really believe the one shining light in all of this is the nurses, the medical technicians, the men and women who really do the heavy lifting in the health care arena. Sure, there are some bad ones in there, too, but they’re the exception and not the norm. Nurses take care of you, they’re the ones that do what you need done while the doctor is out on the golf course.  Nurses are the heroes in health care. Thank God for nurses!)

When the government controls the money (trade – buying and selling), education, the press, and successfully disarms citizens (gun control), that is a socialist government.

When we can no longer travel at will anywhere in this country, when we can no longer go to a restaurant, the theater, a ball game, to church when we want to, without being in jeopardy of fines or arrest, then we no longer live in a free country. If we are denied services or health care or being able to enter a grocery store to buy food, we no longer live in a free country.

This is exactly where we will be if we are forced to carry “vaccine passports.”

Freedom is melting away right in front of us.

May God the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ strengthen us, sustain us, and guide us in these times.

Amen and Amen.

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  1. Good article. I have heard many say right now that only God can save our country now. Perhaps He will do it through an awakening in the church. The church has been complacent for too many years.

    On September 24, 2021 12:38:53 AM THE RIGHT RENDITION


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