If you have watched the times President Trump has addressed the nation about the COVID-19 virus, one thing he made a point of is protecting our elderly, not just those living at home, but in senior care centers and nursing homes, etc. He has ordered different departments to work with private sector insurance companies, labs, etc., to make sure Americans are cared for and that specifically includes our elderly.

President Trump is no “spring chicken.” And since the press conference yesterday (where one NBC reporter called him “selfish” for not being tested after known possible exposure) (figure that out) he has in fact been tested. As of this writing results are not available (the test is not completed). But he has no symptoms; and believe it when they say some of the finest doctors in America are caring for the President.

Now it seems the Democrats are pulling away from Bernie Sanders, who is a died-in-the-wool Socialist. However, if the candidate who seems to be gaining in the campaign, Joe Biden, gets the nomination (and is elected), I suspect we can forget about care to the elderly (even though he, too, is “elderly.”)

Remember the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act” (infamously labeled “Obamacare”) pushed onto Americans by President Obama and his administration; it was obviously supported by then Vice-president Biden.

One of the most feared tenets of Obamacare was (is) the so-called ‘death panels.’ The fancy name for them is Independent Payment Advisory Board.

It would have power over lives by “taking away payment for critical health care that may be needed to save your life.”

It was set up to be independent of patients, doctors, hospitals, Medicare, Congress, the courts and the “Constitution itself,” and would allow 15 “unelected bureaucrats” to disallow payments for medical treatments as they decide.

Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin coined the term “death panel” and the Obama administration denied their existence, then said it was removed, but the Washington Post later exposed it as being a part of the law. (Remember Pelosi’s comment in denying the criticisms about it “…congress has to pass the bill so you can see what’s in it.”)

At least one candidate in the 2020 presidential race (who has now withdrawn), Michael Bloomberg, is in favor of this type of medical care:

The Gateway Pundit reported Bloomberg said, “All of these costs keep going up. Nobody wants to pay anymore money. And at the rate we’re going healthcare is going to bankrupt us. So not only do we have a problem we’ve got to sit here and say which things we’re going to do and which things we’re not. Nobody wants to do that. If you show up with prostrate (sic) cancer and you’re 95 years old, we should say go and enjoy, you’ve had a long life, there’s no cure and we can’t do anything. If you’re a young person, we should do something about it.

But even Bloomberg admitted that “society wasn’t ready to do that yet.”  The report noted, “spoken like a true heartless Socialist.”

Now here’s something I’ve been thinking about, and I’m not the only one. IF Biden becomes president, WHO will really be in charge? There are what I and others believe to be serious questions about Biden’s health. Can a former President be elected Vice-president?

There is some disagreement about that. The 12th Amendment lays out instructions for electing the president and vice-president, and in one sentence says: “No person ineligible for president may be elected vice-president.”

The 22 Amendment gets a little more detailed concerning the terms:

No president may be elected to office more than twice.

If a person who is president or acted as president for more than two years of a term of someone else who was elected president can be elected president only once.

If it’s less than two years, then that person may be elected president twice.

This does not seem to directly and fully address a former president becoming vice-president.

Could Barrack Obama become vice-president? It would no doubt be a constitutional challenge.

But I believe this: If we don’t have one more term under President Trump, everything he has accomplished will be undone.  Economic growth, low unemployment rate, national security — all will be put in jeopardy.

As for healthcare, it wasn’t broken when Obama took office. But if we end up with any kind of Biden-Sanders-Obama-Clinton-Bloomberg policy mix, death panels will become a part of American healthcare, abortion will continue to be celebrated as “women’s health care”, and the effect on our society will be overwhelming and irreparable.

God help us – and forgive us – if we become so calloused as a nation that we continue to allow life to be discarded because of money and politics.