There was an iconic moment right after the State of the Union address last night:  Speaker Nancy Pelosi ripping apart what was apparently a copy of the President’s speech.  It came across as an act of rebellion and disrespect, and IMHO little more than a childish tantrum.

It’s amazing that Speaker Pelosi is the third in line to take the lead of this nation should something happen to the President and Vice-President (God forbid!).  When you see such actions, and hear some of the things said by her and others, it is not something that gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling.

It seems to be an example of what the Liberal Democrats are doing to this country and the Constitution:  Ripping it apart and tossing it down like so much trash.

Gallup is one of the more distinguished survey organizations in America, and according to a recent pole, 59% of Americans think their financial situation has improved from a year ago, and 74% believe it will be better next year.

As President Trump relayed the facts — jobs created, the historic unemployment decline, increased border security, improved education policies, etc. — the Democrats seemed either unmoved or in denial.

I know there are some people out there who call themselves Democrats, but have the same beliefs and concerns and yes, a more conservative take on things than their National Convention seems to have.  Maybe it’s time for them to consider changing parties.  Certainly no one with the same ilk would find blame for them doing so because of  the radical, insufferable actions of their party leaders.

One very important, if not the most important, issue is abortion.  How can ANY politician  be against preserving the life of an unborn baby???  Yet there are those who pervert the idea of healthcare and “women’s choice.”

But like a group of high schoolers who were forced to sit and be reprimanded for “something they didn’t do”, the Democrats were hard-pressed to show any interest in making America a better place to live.

Maybe, just maybe, if they took time out from disliking the President (and his supporters) and tried to work with him, they would find something to like about themselves.