Happy and Merry

How will you say it this year?

“Happy Holidays” or “Merry Christmas”?

Saying “Merry Christmas” is as American as apple pie and baseball.

Perhaps we should start calling it simply “fruit pie” and “field ball”??  Except there are a lot of games played on fields and a lot of different kinds of fruit pies.

But there is only ONE Christmas and it happens ONCE a year.

This is AMERICA.  Just because someone from another country doesn’t like America and American traditions and American beliefs doesn’t really give them the right to take away our right to say it however we want to say it.

We can say “Happy New Year ” or “Happy Easter” or “Happy Thanksgiving” or “Happy President’s Day” or happy any-other-holiday, so what is so wrong with saying “Merry Christmas”????

It’s too religious??

There are millions of people who celebrate Christmas as a season of giving.  It includes family, friends, and loved ones but not “church.”  It includes donating to their favorite charity, dropping their pocket change into that red bucket, or just helping the neighbor shovel snow or decorate their house and yard.  For whatever reason, Christmas Mass may or may not be attended, nor the Christmas Eve candle light service.

That’s why we call it freedom of religion.    That’s also why we call it “tradition.”  An American tradition.    Many of us base the importance of Christmas on our spiritual upbringing, and it still includes family, friends, and loved ones gathering as often as we can but especially on December 25th.  And like many of us with families spread out all over the country and the world, if we can’t make it on that day, we plan another day to have the same celebration and time together.

There’s something special about Christmas.  Always has been, always will be.

There’s nothing wrong with that, just as there is nothing wrong with wishing others a Merry Christmas that means you wish for them to have a time to rejoice and reflect with family and friends.  A time to relax from a busy schedule and hard work and find a little bit of peace and comfort.

If someone wishes me a “Happy Holiday” I say thanks and reply “Merry Christmas.”  And more often than not, they will smile and reply to me “Merry Christmas.”

Christmas is a tough time for some people.  If that’s you, I wish for you a Christmas that helps take away some of your pain and heartache and gives you a big chunk of that peace and comfort.

Merry Christmas.