American “Education” Part II

In many (most?) schools across America, our children are being lied to and downright brainwashed.  They are being told America is NOT a great country and never really has been.  They are being told that “tolerance” means accepting anything anyone wants to promote, and parents are not the ones to turn to when they have questions about sex, gender, morality, and life in general.

The biggest problem facing American families today is the destruction of the family unit, the degradation of parents as their children’s primary authoritative figure, and the rapidly declining role of the education system in supporting the institution of the family.

If we act now, we can regain control of our schools and in doing so, regain the God-ordained authority of parents over their children in the family.

Linda Harvey, President of Mission America recently posted an article “How to Clean Up Your School and Stop the Revolution.”  (Read it!)

Linda asks, “After the backpacks are loaded and the lunch boxes filled, what else does your child need?  Oh, yes, that other thing—a truthful, academically-based education that doesn’t include hyper-sexualization, privacy violation, smashing of American patriotism, and hatred of Christianity.”

She points out 10 things we need to do– must do — if we want to prevent our children from being inundated with LGBTQ agendas, divisive racial politics, disrespect for law enforcement, anti-American “history,” and teaching that “tolerance” means it’s okay to be a “different” gender if that’s how you feel, and by the way, parents don’t have to know everything that goes on in school.

These ideas are permeating even public libraries, where often we now hear of “drag-queen story hours” being offered in tax-funded public libraries.

The innocence of our children is lost way too soon.  The schools no longer allow children to be children; instead children as young as first grade are forced to endure things like “comprehensive sex education” which is nothing more than pornography.   It’s beyond unbelievable that a first grader would be exposed to sex between a man and a woman, let alone sex between two men!!!  (If that thought doesn’t totally disgust you, then you’re part of the problem.)

Parents must know what is being taught to their children in all grades!!

It’s past time parents stop depending on the school to teach their children right from wrong.  It’s just not happening.  There is no longer a moral obligation in our educational system  to guide our children.  The life they are being taught is a life of entitlement, which leads to dependency, which leads to servitude and submission.

It’s not Freedom; it’s control.

That’s Tyranny.