Health Alert from CDC

— Romaine lettuce is unsafe to eat in any form, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Tuesday in a broad alert in response to a new outbreak of illnesses caused by a particularly dangerous type of E. coli contamination.

The CDC told consumers to throw away any romaine lettuce they may already have purchased. Restaurants should not serve it, stores should not sell it, and people should not buy it, no matter where or when the lettuce was grown. It doesn’t matter if it is chopped, whole head or part of a mix. All romaine should be avoided.

The CDC alert, issued just two days before Americans sit down for their Thanksgiving dinners, reported that 32 people in 11 states have become sick from eating contaminated romaine. Of those, 13 have been hospitalized, with one patient suffering from a form of kidney failure. No deaths have been reported.

One thought on “Health Alert from CDC

  1. Every year, people in the healthcare must receive the latest flu shot and I’m assuming other immunizations or lose their jobs. There is a reason for this requirement yet there is no requirement for people who pick our lettuce (and other fruits and vegetables) to be immunized, tested for certain diseases, let alone documented.

    It took the CDC long enough to put the warning out. Now if they’d choose honesty over political correctness and do the right thing.


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