Beyond Belief

It’s like a hole appearing in an earthen dam:  it starts letting water trickle through, and the more water that goes through it, the bigger the hole gets.  Soon the dam is seriously compromised, and eventually will fail completely.

Such is the erosion of common sense in the media concerning allegations and accusations made against Brett Kavanaugh by women who consider themselves “experts” or something of the sort.

Andrea Mitchell of MSNBC actually had the –what? Stupidity?– to ask a senator (Leahy) if the FBI should investigate whether Kavanaugh was “rude or showed belligerance to senators” on the confirmation committee.

Here’s Mitchell’s entire, honest-to-God question:

“We were just talking to Frank Figlese, a former FBI officer, top ranking officer, and he says that his sources, who are very good sources, in the Bureau tell him that they are still pretty much handcuffed. That yes, more witnesses, follow-up witnesses can be interviewed, but the issue is only the initial allegations from Dr. Ford of a sexual attack. Not lying, not drinking, not whether he was rude or showed belligerence to senators such as yourself. Is that the parameter of this follow-up investigation, and is that something that will be considered before you go to a vote?”

“They have the ability to investigate the whole thing,” Leahy answered.

Seriously?  For being “rude?”

CNN host Alisyn Camerota suggested that Kavanaugh threw ice on someone during a bar fight, and therefore it is relevant to the accusation against Kavanaugh because “it makes more sense.”

Also on CNN, an anchor asked Senator Mazie Hirono D-HI if “throwing ice on someone during a bar fight in college is in anyway disqualifying for someone to sit on the Supreme Court.”

“This is why we need an FBI investigation, because there are a lot of allegations,” Hirono responded.

Yes, indeed.  And throwing ice at someone 20 years ago is certainly something worthy of an FBI investigation and must be taken seriously.

If you’re a liberal senator or news reporter.