A Soldiers Prayer

Dear God,

Grant me courage and determination to do what I have been called to do.

Grant safe-keeping for me and for all soldiers who stand in harms way.

Give my family comfort and protection as they await my return, and remind them how much I love them.

They are the reason I do what I do.

Give all soldiers wisdom in the midst of battle, and give our leaders an extra ration of that.

Protect the innocent who are always caught in the midst of war, especially the children.

Help me be kind where kindness is needed, and ruthless where ruthlessness is necessary to save and protect my comrades and myself, and may I always know the difference.

Going into battle, we outwardly bear the flag of Freedom as we inwardly bear the Cross of Sacrifice to free the world of evil and tyranny. God bless our mission.

In the Name of Christ,