Direction of America: A Memory of Freedom

If you want to see what direction America is taking– in spite of the efforts of a conservative president– look at the great state of Minnesota.

St. Cloud is about to become the poster child of the refugee controversy and the “OK Corral” of refugee resettlement.  What happens there might well define the resettlement programs across the United States.

Somali refugees, mostly if not all Muslims, have been pouring into Minnesota for the last 9 years.  The Lutheran Social Services, Catholic Charities, the Blandin Foundation, and other “non-profit organizations” are making a profit in resettling refugees.  They are paid by the federal government for every refugee they help move into America, naturally the more they move they more money they make.  There is no or little consulting with local or state governments; they just dump them out, give them free or subsidized housing, medical care, just about anything needed to live.

What they don’t give them is any indoctrination or supervision on how to live in and become Americans.  In fact, few if any of the refugees want to become American citizens.  They want America to become their “heaven on earth” with everything they need handed to them unrestricted.

Much of this resettlement is actually against federal law (the Refugee Act of 1980, signed by President Carter) which requires consultation with a community BEFORE refugees are placed in that community.  But, as so often happened in the Obama reign, law is ignored.

Other pro-refugee players include the “big meat” companies like Hormel, JBS Swift, Pilgrim’s Pride, and Gold ‘N Plump Chicken– most foreign owned–which benefit from cheap refugee labor.   But the Muslim workers in the chicken plant in St. Cloud won a substantial amount of money in 2008 when they sued for their “civil rights” being violated by the company refusing to give them “paid prayer breaks” and forcing Muslims to handle pork. (I don’t know why they handle pork in a chicken processing plant; must be other meats prepared there as well.)

Yet the meat companies continue to support the influx of refugees.

Governor Mark Dayton told his state residents if they can’t accept living with Somali refugees perhaps they should “find another state” because Minnesota was all-in with the resettlement program and needed the refugees to “fill in gaps in the work force.  Our economy cannot expand based on white, B+, Minnesota-born citizens.  We don’t have enough.”

Governor Dayton needs to realize if he continues down the path he has chosen, he will NEVER have enough Minnesota citizens, white, B+, or otherwise, because he is driving them away.  How can he believe a non-English speaking refugee without any education will make a better employee?

If he thinks an economy can thrive on cheap labor, he’s wrong.  What he’s pushing is socialism.  Everyone makes the same amount of pay with no chance of advancement, heavily subsidized by government welfare programs.

That is until the government runs out of money.  When that happens, welfare stops, and the government programs that brought the refugees to America suddenly disappear.  People who don’t make much money don’t pay much tax.  Corporations have loopholes saving them millions of dollars in tax, and one way or another, the federal coffers begin to shrink.  Suddenly the government demands and implements taxation without representation on all citizens.  The government takes over businesses, schools, universities, even churches, and takes everything it can from wherever it can.

That’s called Communism.

As far as I’m concerned, the term “Progressive” means the same thing.  Britain had some “progressive” citizens who believed in what Hitler was doing, and when the war broke out, Hitler invaded England.  He didn’t care about the “progressives”.  Apparently the progressives believed more in German Nazism than British freedom.  They wrongly believed a Utopian government would be better for everyone.  They wanted to forget the memory of what they believed to be oppression, but they remembered wrong.  They were seduced by an ideology that was under-girded with hate, an ideology that turned on them with violence, persecution, and real oppression.

America is on the way to becoming a memory of freedom.   Freedom lost to the same ideology.