Bananas are Racist

A Greek Life leader at Ole Miss was walking through the woods at a fraternity and sorority retreat eating a banana.  When he finished, he said there wasn’t a trash can around, so he stuck the banana peel on a tree.

Why he didn’t just drop it on the ground (out in the woods, bugs, critters, natural decay) is anyone’s guess, but, he didn’t.

He stuck it on a tree.

Well, along came three black students, and when they saw that banana peel stuck on that tree, they thought, well, who knows what they thought.  Perhaps they thought it was a secret sign of the KKK.  I have a suspicion that whether that banana peel was on the tree or on the ground, their reaction would be the same.  Especially if it was a fresh peel.

Their reaction was:  It was a racist slam against black people.  A visage of white supremacy.  An affront to black people everywhere.

“To be clear, many members of our community were hurt, frightened, and upset,” the interim director of fraternity and sorority life wrote in a letter obtained by the local newspaper.

The president of one sorority told the newspaper that “bananas have historically been used to demean black people.”

As Todd Starnes said, “I thought bananas historically were used to make banana pudding.”

Or banana cream pie.  Banana bread.  Banana oatmeal cookies.

Apparently these three students came screaming out of the woods, hysterically claiming to have been traumatized by —- a banana peel.

So there was a meeting called by the university to address the “incident” and “engage in discussion with students.”

Now I’ll bet you can’t find a banana anywhere on the University of Mississippi campus.

After all, bananas are racist.  Or at least their peels are.


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