Point of No Return

I am starting to believe America has reached a “point of no return.”

We will never again see the America people born in the 40s, 50s, and 60s knew and grew up in.

The immoral, Godless, lawless, liberal class has developed into a militarized movement that has no respect for anyone and anything they deem “wrong” whether it’s a flag, a statue, or the President.

When you have groups patrolling universities and colleges for conservative, right-wing students, faculty, and staff so they can harass them, belittle them, ridicule them until they drive them from campus, and the university administration does nothing, it’s more than just a “problem.”

When a city allows the enforcement of Sharia law, which is unconstitutional anywhere in America, and denies law enforcement the ability to do their job and protect American citizens, there is more than just a “problem.”

It’s becoming a way to purge the Right, and it’s done with any method they chose, which is usually violent attacks.

What the liberals and protesters don’t get is after they succeed in their unholy  cleansing, another more deadly form of government will come into existence that will imprison, exile, and murder each and every one of them.  Why?  Because they will pose a threat, they are a “problem” to the new government, and they will not be allowed to continue.

The new government of America will not be a democracy, it will have no resemblance to the government of the last 250 years, in fact, the history of America will be erased and obliterated.

If you don’t think so, look at the news.  It’s already started.