Filtering Intel

The following patriots have been fired from the National Security Council by HR McMaster (so far):

  • Derek Harvey, Senior Director for the Middle East
  • Rich Higgins, Director for Strategic Planning
  • Ezra Cohen-Watnick, Senior Director for Intelligence Programs

These three men were fired for speaking out against the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist group in meetings and training programs for the Department of Homeland Security!

Following McMaster’s purge of these three patriots, CAIR sent the following message on its Twitter feed:

“Islamophobia watch: White supremacists launch campaign to oust HR McMaster after he fired (Harvey, Higgins and Cohen-Watnick).”

Here is why McMaster is firing anyone who speaks out against the Muslim Brotherhood and Islamic terrorism in general:

Under the way that the National Security Council (NSC) is structured, security threats are filtered up the chain of command from NSC subcommittees to the main Security Council group and ultimately, to President Trump.3

This way, the President is briefed every day on only the most pressing and serious threats.

By purging NSC subcommittees of patriotic, America-First employees like Harvey, Higgins and Cohen-Watnick, McMaster is ensuring that President Trump will never hear anything negative about the Muslim Brotherhood in his daily briefings!

The Muslim Brotherhood is an international terrorist organization and its ultimate goal is to destroy the US Constitution and to impose Sharia law on all Americans.

Proverbs 20:18 says, “Plans are established by counsel; by wise counsel wage war.”

President Trump cannot protect America from Islamic terrorism so long as HR McMaster is one of his top counselors. McMaster Must Go!

Tell the Republicans in Congress to impeach HR McMaster and remove him from his position as National Security Advisor for supporting the Muslim Brotherhood!


I am not a white supremacist, or anything close to it, but I DO believe the Muslim Brotherhood is bad for America, as is CAIR.

The only thing any Muslim group wants is the total conquest of the Western World whether it be by cultural jihad or murder.