Where’s Colin?

Remember Colin Take-a-Knee Kaepernick?  Football star quarterback for the 49ers, who on the advice of one of the most well-known social activists still living in the 60s, (and for some reason NFL has let “counsel” teams) Harry Edwards, decided to NOT stand for the National  Anthem, but instead dropped to a knee.

Now, Kaep is without a football team.  Well, sort of.

May 24 he tried out for the Seattle Seahawks, but if he gets hired he won’t be a starter most likely.  Russel Wilson already has the spot filled.  But he might get slot 2, because Trevone Boykin, the current #2 quarterback, has been in trouble with the law, and is starting to look like an unreliable choice for the job.

There is a news story dated Aug 02, 2017 that says the head coach and the GM of the Baltimore Ravens are ready to sign Kaep, but the owner is resisting.

Another story dated August 11, 2017 that says Kaep still has no team, with the season starting in about a month.

Kaepernick made a choice, which he has the right to make, as all of us do.

But as Colonel Allen West said, “….guess what my tender cupcake leftist social justice warriors, there are consequences.”

Choices always —-always— have consequences.

But today’s Society of Social Justice Warriors United won’t accept that.  They believe anyone (meaning specifically themselves) should be able to do anything or say anything they want and not be bothered with the consequences.

They might as well jump off a 20-story building believing they won’t be hurt when they hit the concrete below.

Consequences.  It’s a real part of life.

That’s what keeps most people responsible, because they do not want to suffer consequences.  Believing yourself immune to consequences is, well, stupid.

Forest Gump said it this way:  “My mama taught me ‘stupid is as stupid does’.”

And then he said  “Life is like a box of chocolates: you never know what you’re gonna get.”

Sometimes you get one you really like, sometimes you get one you don’t like so much.

Kind of like electing presidents.



One thought on “Where’s Colin?

  1. Just desserts. That is what he is getting. He has chosen to live in the greatest country on earth, then he chooses to show disrespect and contempt for our flag and anthem. I hope no team ever hires him again. He must live with the consequences of his action.


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