Framed with a Fake Dossier

The Democratic party’s new hit man, Robert Mueller, ordered a pre-dawn search warrant execution on the Virginia home of Paul Manafort, President Trump’s former campaign manager who resigned in August 2016.

Apparently Mueller decided Manafort would not be completely forthcoming with everything required by a subpoena from the grand jury which Mueller convened in the first part of August. So the FBI raided Manafort’s home, taking documents and other materials related to the investigation of Russia’s meddling in the 2016 election. A spokesperson for Manafort said “Mr. Manafort has consistently cooperated with law enforcement and other serious inquiries and did so on this occasion as well.”

The reason Manafort has drawn the focus of Mueller is because of “business dealings” with Ukraine.

Overseas business dealings happen all the time, in fact, they are very normal. How many business dealings regularly occur with China, Japan, Germany, France, Russia, Italy, and South Korea? Even our government sold F-16s to Saudi Arabia, and made a “deal” with Iran over their nuclear program that paid Iran millions of dollars. If those business dealings should stray into the area of national security, then the FBI should take action and if evidence is developed, persons should be investigated and charged if found guilty.

But if that’s true, why is Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton not now under a current investigation? Even more, why have they not been convicted of doing the very thing the Special Counsel says he is investigating about the Trump campaign and Trump associates?

It is nearly inconceivable a fake dossier was assembled by a bunch of left-wing loose cannons, and given to the FBI, but even more astounding the FBI decided to treat it as a bona fide legal brief and started acting on it. Former FBI Director James Comey testified on June 8, 2017 before the Senate Intelligence Committee that there was no evidence of Russian collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign other than a dossier full of sensational but widely discredited allegations. ( The 35-page dossier was created by a former British intelligence agent, Michael Steele, paid for by a Clinton supporter, and given to the [Trump] opposition research firm Fusion GPS.

Even a Washington Post reporter, Bob Woodward, called the dossier “garbage.” The New York Times reported the FBI offered Steele $50,000 to continue to investigate Trump aides last fall, but the deal fell apart. But the FBI, under James Comey, continued to use the dossier as a road map to investigate Trump and associates.

That is the sole basis for the entire investigation.

The way it should work is when a crime is committed and discovered, then the search for evidence and the “smoking gun” and a full investigation follows. But now, there is no evidence of crime, but what is being called “evidence” is being used to justify searching for a crime committed. But it’s not a specific crime: Mueller was tasked with prosecuting “any crimes” he may find in his investigation, whether they are relevant to the alleged Russian collusion or not.

This is the biggest political setup to take down an administration this country has ever seen.

The American people have been fed so much misinformation and disinformation — lies and fake news — by both political parties, the media, and even some of the foreign press that we are becoming overwhelmed with the belief that truth is no longer relevant to anything political.

Will Rogers said “I don’t make jokes; I just watch the government and report the facts.”

If only the news media would do the same.