Snake in the Bucket, Part 2

As I said, there are bigger concerns about it being a skewed investigation.  Most of the lawyers hired by Mueller work for firms who donated thousands of dollars to the Clinton campaign, and before that donated exclusively to democrats.  It questions Mueller’s ability to remain impartial in the investigation.  In fact, it’s becoming very clear that he cannot be impartial.  And being non-partisan is a fabrication.

CNSnews reports former house speaker Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.) said Mueller has assembled “a political hit squad, plain and simple.”  The employees of the law firm where Mueller worked [before becoming Special Counsel] gave an astounding $326,798 to the Clinton campaign in 2016.”

After eight years of scandals — the IRS scandal, the VA scandal, Fast and Furious, Benghazi, Hillary’s mishandling of classified information, abuses of our national security apparatus, and more, nobody in the Obama administration went to jail or was seemingly held accountable.  Two people who were in position to have done something to stop Obama did nothing:  James Comey and Robert Mueller.

The former FBI Director from 2001 to 2013 under President Obama, Robert Muller, is now heading this investigation against our Republican President.  He has convened a grand jury, and issued subpoenas to people involved in the meeting with a Russian lawyer last year at Trump Tower.  The very fact that this is in the news tells us someone leaked the information on those subpoenas.  Grand jury investigations are supposed to be secret, so someone on Muellers team leaked it to the press.  Maybe Mueller himself.  Comey leaked information before, remember?  Birds of a feather.

Mueller is in violation of federal law, he knows it, but just like the president under whom he worked for 12 years, he is going to ignore the law.

So this grand jury in Washington, D.C., a city where 91% of the voters voted for Hillary Clinton, is going to give a fair and honest verdict of anything concerning Trump, his associates, the campaign, and every thing else?

When pigs fly.