Whose Side Are They On?

A recent breaking report given by Gary Bauer on his End of Day Report should stir up the intelligence community in America, and perhaps the world.

Ever since 9/11/2001, the intelligence community has steadily gained more and more leeway in their monitoring powers, but the Constitution (if followed) provides protection from American citizens being targeted unlawfully by incidental monitoring.

In the last 5 years or so, Americans have learned more of the truth about that, and learned that a lot of American’s phone conversations, emails, and other communications were indeed monitored without probable cause, i.e. had nothing to do with terrorist activity.

Now, according to Bauer, it has been discovered that in March of 2013 James Clapper, then National Intelligence Director, changed the rules to allow unmasking of members of Congress and their staff easier.    Unmasking is the exposing of an American citizen’s identity in an intelligence report.  It also made it easier for leaking names and certain types of sensitive information.

The rule changes by Clapper doubled the number of people who could access and acquire names and information outside the normal process concerning such requests.

Then comes the Evelyn Farkas interview, which led to more buck-passing, posturing, and double-speak from Farkas, the Times, MSNBC, and a host of other news sites either denying or agreeing she spilled the beans on the Obama administration.  Farkas served as the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense under Obama.

But whether it was the liberal press, Farkas and her colleagues, or  members of other agencies, it does appear there was a push to get intelligence on Donald Trump out to as many places as possible before he took office in a very concerted effort to discredit him and/or his campaign.

The other thing that happened in March of 2013 was the secret meetings between President Obama and Iran which according to a CBS News report led to a quick agreement on the Iranian nuclear deal.

While he was submitting the plan to the United Nations, Obama was circumventing Congress so he could complete a deal with the most America-hating, deadliest, terrorist-supporting country in the world.  The “deal” managed to suspend most of the sanctions against Iran, and give them several BILLION dollars.

This is how authoritarian governments work.  They weaken the real military forces, create a tightly controlled cabinet of leaders, militarize the intelligence agencies, and spy on everyone.  They continue to rule by bringing to bear all the power of the government against those who oppose them.  Sooner or later the assassinations and imprisonments start.

Obama used the IRS as his hit man, and that was finally discovered and revealed, but not before a lot of innocent people were targeted for being nothing more than Americans who stood up for their rights.  Businesses went broke, and people lost everything they had.

While the liberals and their lapdog National News are screaming about one meeting between Trump, Jr., Jared Kushner, and one Russian lawyer, they are desperately trying to draw the attention away from themselves and the fact that they ignored the atrocities committed by Obama and his administration for which they should all be held accountable.

The question is, how many of those people are still in government positions, continuing to  leak classified and sensitive information to heaven knows who?  Do these people really call themselves American?  Are they so short-sited–or so deceived — that they believe they are doing what is right for our country?

Whose side are they on?