The Alexandria Spin Has Started

CBS news has a video of Rep Gary Palmer (R-Alabama) being interviewed.

Gayle King said they were hearing reports that shooting might have been “politically motivated.”

Really??  What rock do these reporters live under?  When the shooter asked if they were Republican’s or Democrats on the field, what OTHER motivation would he have?

Palmer said he believes our Republic is in danger.  The other anchor in the video (don’t know his name) said it was a “pretty serious thing to say” that the Republic was in danger.  Then, of course, he asked if the solution starts in Washington.  Then Charlie Rose asked “do we begin with leadership in the white house in terms of trying to cool down things?”

Still trying to blame it on President Trump.  One way or the other, it’s got to be Trump’s fault.  What a bunch of propaganda artists!!

Then one of the other reporters asked what Palmer thought was the cause of this incident, and does the tuning down of “political rhetoric” start in the white house?

Palmer did say the political rhetoric also comes from the media as well as both parties, etc.  I found myself wishing he had said the media is the first place to take responsibility.

I thought it was interesting that when Palmer said he and a couple of other Congressman wished they had been armed, the reporters acted surprised.  Charlie Rose (CBS anchor) asked Palmer to repeat what he just said, and Palmer did.  He said he wished he and some of the others had been armed to assist the Capital Police in confronting the shooter.

And of course, King brought up the comment by the Virginia Governor Terry McAuliff that there are “too many guns on the streets” to which Palmer replied that to begin with, the governor used stats from 1993, and was wrong in his statements about gun deaths.

I suspect Gayle King was not pleased.

But the News Media has already started to put their spin on this, as they always do.  The greatest organized group opposing the Trump Administration is the liberal news media, no doubt about it.  And if they can get some one with a weak moral standard to act out in violence, they consider it a good thing, I don’t care how much they deny it.

The national news agencies are no longer “watchdogs of freedom” but instead have become perpetrators of activism and belligerent opposition to anything and anyone who disagrees with them.  They have become the bane of freedom, and their idea of freedom of speech is a destructive perversion of the Constitution.

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