From the Halls of Ivy

Here’s what some of the esteemed professors at some of our universities are saying about the Alexandria shooting (from the BBC):

“Republicans have proven impervious to mass shootings and I don’t think you’ll see any reforms now,” said Adam Winkler, a UCLA law professor and gun policy expert. “This will be business as usual, they will soon be saying that the answer is more guns and new freedoms, not new laws.”

Many current congressional Republicans were ushered into their seats with the support of the National Rifle Association, including the injured Mr Scalise, who receives funding from the gun lobby group and has voted consistently against gun control measures.

The Republican-controlled House recently opposed expanding background checks for gun buyers and limiting access to assault rifles. “Congressmen, especially Republican congressmen, are very obedient to whatever the NRA tells them,” said John Donohue, a Stanford law professor who studies gun policy.

The NRA has long banged the drum for a more armed citizenry – good guys with guns to stop bad guys with guns, the logic goes. But it “almost never happens” that an armed citizen stops a gunman, said Mr Donohue. “I just wrote a paper on this. Allowing citizens to carry freely on the street doesn’t decrease crime, it increases it.”

Apparently Donohue ignores the stories that come out in local newspapers almost every day (and the FBI statistics) about people preventing crime with guns.  Perhaps he only believes what is on CNN.  So he believes if someone carries a gun on the streets, they are irrevocably destined to commit a crime! This man is a college professor, but has a serious case of E.I.–Educated Idiocy.  ( I didn’t read his paper–I don’t need to.)

These are the people who are “educating” our young adults.  No matter what they study, they are subjected to as much leftist ideology as they are study assignments.  The University of Missouri learned what it costs to allow unbridled activism and political correctness to run rampant on their campus.  At last count, they have closed 7 dorms to cope with the drop in enrollment since last November.

Like the National Press, universities are not harbingers of freedom, they are the creators of dissent and activism, and have little to do with real education.  Schools like Berkeley and Harvard and Yale have always had a culture of activism on campus, but now it’s a culture of political retaliation and physical oppostion that belies a civil education.

I use to think that people who graduated from some of these schools must be pretty intelligent.

Now, not so much.