The Incense of Prayer

When you walk into many yoga studios you are immediately greeted with a pleasant-smelling aroma caused by burning incense. Incense comes from the Latin word(s) meaning “to burn” (incendium, incendi, incendere for example), and it is a mixture of an aromatic substance and a combustible material that binds it all together, usually on a stick … Continue reading The Incense of Prayer

The Mantle of Praise

One of my brothers worked with a man who understood the uplifting power of praising the Lord. He would be walking down an aisle in the hardware store or the grocery store or anywhere and suddenly would start praising God with “Hallelulah” and “Praise God.” When Jesus was in Nazareth and went into the temple, … Continue reading The Mantle of Praise

Tale of Two Athletes

During this time of year we often (and should) turn our thoughts to helping and giving. Christmas in America stands for different things to different people, however. In today's society, some are taught that receiving is more important than giving, and indeed some feel they are entitled to do and say whatever they want. So, … Continue reading Tale of Two Athletes