The Building is Not the Church

Many church buildings will be empty Easter Sunday. No services, no communion service, no traditional Easter hymns, no beautiful lilies, no sermons glorifying the Resurrected Christ and calling all to seek Him. Just silence. The most sacred day of the year will still arrive. Sunday is coming. The event in history it memorializes still happened. … Continue reading The Building is Not the Church

The Incense of Prayer

When you walk into many yoga studios you are immediately greeted with a pleasant-smelling aroma caused by burning incense. Incense comes from the Latin word(s) meaning “to burn” (incendium, incendi, incendere for example), and it is a mixture of an aromatic substance and a combustible material that binds it all together, usually on a stick … Continue reading The Incense of Prayer

The Living Dead

What is it with the fascination with zombies and the undead, i.e. 'dead people walking' or people who “see” dead people and talk to them? Movies, TV shows, books, even commercials depict zombies in “everyday” scenarios! What's up with that? One particularly gruesome 30 seconds is for some table-top-talking-box that turns on the TV for … Continue reading The Living Dead

The Mantle of Praise

One of my brothers worked with a man who understood the uplifting power of praising the Lord. He would be walking down an aisle in the hardware store or the grocery store or anywhere and suddenly would start praising God with “Hallelulah” and “Praise God.” When Jesus was in Nazareth and went into the temple, … Continue reading The Mantle of Praise