I pray you all had a great Easter weekend, and were able to enjoy it with friends and family.  I had a rather rough couple of days over the weekend. Warning:  Graphic description following!! Thursday morning my wife took me to the ER because I was vomiting blood.   It's really tough being sick when you … Continue reading Easter

The Building is Not the Church

Many church buildings will be empty Easter Sunday. No services, no communion service, no traditional Easter hymns, no beautiful lilies, no sermons glorifying the Resurrected Christ and calling all to seek Him. Just silence. The most sacred day of the year will still arrive. Sunday is coming. The event in history it memorializes still happened. … Continue reading The Building is Not the Church

Easter: The Promise of Eternal Life

Easter eggs, chocolate bunnies, "Easter bonnets", Good Friday, all things related to Easter.  I hope that Easter never becomes commercialized like Christmas, but I also wish it would become more celebrated and recognized for the right reason than a "special Sunday." From Wallbuilders: Importance of Easter Easter is celebrated across the world as one of … Continue reading Easter: The Promise of Eternal Life