Out of the Mouths of Babes

They had been married about as long as most people could remember.  They married young, and had lived a long and good life.

But she died.

After the funeral was over, everyone had gone home, and he stayed with his daughter and her husband for a few days.  One of those days, the littlest boy, 5, crawled up onto his Grandpa’s lap.  Later, the child’s mom asked “What did you and Grandpa talk about?”

“Oh,  nothing.  I just helped him cry.”

Another grandma had been fighting a long battle with cancer, and as it often goes, there were ups and downs during the treatment.  One of her daughters was standing at the sink one day, overcome for a moment with worry, crying.  Her 3-year-old came and said “Why are you crying, momma?”

“Because  I’m sad about Mema.”

“Don’t be sad, momma, Mema is already so much better!”

Another grandchild, 8 years old,  belonging to another daughter who was also feeling overwhelmed, came downstairs one morning and said “I had the best dream last night! I dreamed we were at Mema and Papa’s house and she was well and we sat on their laps and hugged them, it was so much fun!”

Out  of the mouths of babes.  Hope. Trust.  Encouragement.  Praise.  Comfort.

Jesus said “Have you never read, From the lips of children and infants, You, Lord, have perfected praise.”   Matthew 21:16