The New “Woke” Salvation Army

Next time you walk by the red bucket attended by a bell ringer, think about this:  The Salvation Army now says “…white Christians owe ‘a sincere apology’ to blacks for being ‘antagonistic…to black people or the culture, values and interests of the black community.”

Folks, there is something terribly amiss with the S.A. leadership.  How can they possibly believe this is going to help donations of either time or money?

P. Gardner Goldsmith of MRCTV said “This is not an honest approach to individual responsibility, to history, or to the Word of God as expressed by Christ.”

It is more than regrettable they Salvation Army has joined the “social justice” movement, which is the embodiment of Critical Race Theory.  The 67-page resource they use called “Let’s Talk About Racism” has some valid points, and while it presents a case for anti-racism or being “anti-black,” it is in fact ultimately about “anti-whiteness” and “white privilege.”  I also find it a bit hard to accept that they use a lot of scripture in making their points.

Not being fully “woke” on the matter, it seems to me that racism is a two-way street.  The only view the Bible teaches is that ALL PEOPLE are loved by God, HE made them, He does not see skin color, Jesus died and rose again for ALL people, and I heartily reject any notion that “white Christians” owe anyone an apology as long as they are sincere in their belief and sound in their salvation.

Born-again Christians –  whatever color or race – have no room in their heart for racism.  I believe that would be a sin against God, against other believers, and against God’s human creation.  And remember:  Jesus isn’t a “white man.”

Now I have to wonder if the people who volunteer to ring the bell even know about this.  They might not understand when I walk by the red bucket and say “I’m sorry for not being able to give to the S.A. anymore because they have strayed from their calling and ministry of helping others.”

We expect better from them.

One thought on “The New “Woke” Salvation Army

  1. Since this writing the Salvation Army has withdrawn the training documents for review. An officer of a local SA chapter told my brother that as far as local chapters are concerned, he believes it’s ‘business as usual.’ Which is a good thing. The bell ringers probably don’t have a clue about these ‘training suggestions’ from the SA leadership. Hopefully they realize it’s not in their best interest to continue with it.


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