Ice Lessons

The sun shining on the trees covered with ice makes them look like the branches are made of glass.  The picture doesn’t do it justice, but the ice reflects the sun and sparkles with points of light all over it.
I considered a couple of things as I watched this tree out our patio door.  After the storm that caused power outages and travel hardships and days of fog and gloom, look at what is left:  An amazing bit of beauty and elegance left for us to see and admire, kind of a foretelling of what is in store for Believers.  Having suffered through – and persevered through – the storms of life on this earth, we will emerge covered with the Glory of Christ and His Righteousness.
Then I watched the ice begin to fall from the branches as the sun’s heat penetrated the ice, warming the branch, and clearing away the covering left by the storm.  We can be covered with worry and fear, but when the Son’s Light shines through, it dispels all the cold, worrisome, fear that tends to overwhelm us in this life, and we can shed that cover for good.  And, even as the ice falls and breaks into hundreds of pieces scattered on the ground, each piece sparkles as evidence of the Light of Jesus in which we live, giving testimony to His Love, Grace, and Mercy.