Thank You for Your Service

When you go to the grocery store and see rows and rows of food, fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, and you can afford to buy some of it, thank a veteran.

When you go to church – any church you want to – or even if you choose not to go to church – thank a veteran.

If you can buy a newspaper, read a magazine, listen to the radio, or watch television and hear and see programming of your choice, (even the news) thank a veteran.

If you can drive across this country from state to state without having to produce identification at every state border you cross, thank a veteran.

If you can buy a train ticket or bus ticket or airplane ticket or subway ticket or hail a cab to go wherever you want to go, thank a veteran.

If have the opportunity and the ability to buy a car, a gun, a boat, a house, (or those groceries), thank a veteran.

If you can disagree with your government, your governor, your president, your congress, your mayor, or city council, and write a letter to the editor of the local paper about it, thank a veteran.

Freedom is never free. Thank God there are men and women who believe in this country and what it stands for so much, they are willing to serve in the military, sacrifice being with their families, live in foreign countries, and even give their lives to keep this country safe and free.

They are heroes; they are patriots; they are veterans.