There are a lot of opportunities today to have a DNA analysis done that will tell you all the areas of the world your DNA “matches”; that is, what parts of the world your ancestors (possibly) lived and their race or culture.  Many find this intriguing, and rightfully so.  It is a fairly new medical research area (developed in 1985) that continues to be improved upon, first in the area of criminal forensic investigation, then in other “relational proof” between two or more people, and now in ancestral origins.

The thing is, far-gone ancestors (even more recent ones) didn’t have their DNA tested, obviously, because the technology wasn’t available, and usually didn’t leave an adequate DNA supply to be tested now.  It seems to be unclear how significant it is to learn that 4% or less of your ancestors ‘may’ have lived in some remote area of Russia or Europe, or that your great-great-great-great-great-great grandmother on your mothers side was an Inuit.  This type of slim piece of “evidence” even led one U.S. senator to claim she was an American Indian!

Many people have long sought to create and maintain their family tree, the written record of their ancestry back as far as they can discover.  Businesses built around the research and discovery of family histories are fairly common, and now computer programs are available to do the same.  In years past family trees were kept in Bibles, many of which included special pages for that very purpose.

There are some things we don’t need a DNA analysis to know:

Everyone — everyone — on the Earth has red blood.  There are no exceptions.  Homo Sapiens all bleed the same color:  Red.

If that seems laughably simplistic, think about it.  Of the billions of people on this planet, every one of them has in common the color of their blood.  The blood chemistry and makeup is the same– red cells, white cells, plasma, etc. — no one is different.

There are as many physical characteristics that make us the same on the inside as there are that make us look different from the outside.

But so many of us have forgotten that.

We have allowed the ugliest term into our societal thinking that is the most destructive and damaging to people that was ever coined:  Racism.

It’s a lie from Hell.

I’m not saying it doesn’t exist; it does.  It’s been interwoven into the mental acumen of the world since, well, practically the beginning of recorded history.   And it is extremely hard to overcome; some people never do.

We all need to remember that every one of us has been born into this world the same way, and we will all leave this world the same way.  And whether you call it the Will of God or Intelligent Design or Nature, those things never change.

No one should be judged by the color of their skin, where they live, the language they speak; and no one has the right to judge anyone on those things because we don’t know why we were not born where they were born.  We cannot explain why their skin is not the same color as ours, or why our skin color is not the same as theirs.

Who decided that?  DNA cannot explain it apart from the physical appearance of our ancestors.  Who decided who our ancestors would be?

No one has control over family history, ancestral heritage, OR their DNA, and no one has the right to denigrate nor condemn others for that.

There is really just one Race on this planet:  The Human Race.

We need to start treating each other that way.