Sanctuary Cities Unsafe for Americans

According to the Department of Justice, Juan Ramon Vasquez, a Honduran citizen, was first deported back in 2009 after being caught living in the United States illegally. Sometime later he returned to the United States, where he was arrested in 2014 on charges of domestic aggravated assault and held by Philadelphia Department of Corrections. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement issued an immigration detainer requesting Vasquez be turned over to their custody after he’d served any jail time.

But Philadelphia, a “sanctuary city” for illegal immigrants, dropped the charges and DID NOT detain Vasquez for the I.C.E., nor did they even report to I.C.E. he had been released.

A short while after his release he was rearrested and convicted of the rape of a child.  Had the City of Philadelphia and their Department of Prisons followed the law, Vasquez would not have committed this heinous crime.

Although these incidents are becoming more and more frequent, the liberal press and the Lunatic Left refuse to acknowledge there’s a problem.  Instead they continue the irrational demand for open borders and the abolishment of ICE, apparently choosing to ignore the influx of criminals and terrorists.

It’s not poor judgment:  It’s pure lunacy.

I would not spend time nor money visiting any city that declares itself a “sanctuary city” because it’s a sure bet the law does not prevail there, and illegal immigrants have more rights than American Citizens in those cities.

Another city I would not care to spend time in is Chicago, President Obama’s hometown.  Over the first weekend of August, 74 people were shot, 40 of them in a 7-hour period Sunday morning.  Most of them were black, many of them were minors, 63 were hospitalized, 11 victims died.  In the city known for the strictest gun control ordinances and the highest percentage of population on welfare, people in some neighborhoods are afraid to be on the street even in the day time.  In a city that may be considered the “flagship of socialism” in America where the government pays 1/3 of it’s population for doing nothing, gives them free groceries, free rent, free everything, you would think there would be an atmosphere of contented peace and quiet.

Nothing could be farther from the truth.   Brittany Hughes of MRCTV called Chicago a “cesspool of gang violence, poverty, and misery.”

It’s not the Windy City; it’s the Deadly City.

This is the result of failed liberal policies that promote a welfare state, big government, open borders, and yes, “sanctuary cities.”