The End of Civility


The liberal barbarism has started to come out.  Brittany M. Hughes’ report on MRCTV about violence acts toward government employees should be a wake-up call.

Most troubling is this part:

“When protesters in Portland camped out in front of an ICE agency building last week and heckled employees on their way to work, Portland Mayor refused to allow Portland police to intervene, saying he didn’t want the Portland Police Department “to be engaged or sucked into a conflict, particularly from a federal agency that I believe is on the wrong track.”

When an elected official decides they know who should or should not be protected by the local police force, that official should not be allowed to remain in office.   If the situation was the other way around, if they were the ones being harrassed, they would be taking every step possible to be protected, and they would be very vocal about it.

The liberals double standard in all things political is astounding and appalling.

Political Correctness has replaced common sense and decency, and civil disobedience is the mantra of those afflicted with Trump Derangement Syndrome.   So-called “protesters” have been given the go ahead to do whatever they can to cause Trump Administration members not only grief and trouble, but real fear of being attacked.

Disturbing the peace and assault — putting people in fear of physical harm — is still against the law.   But the law has also become subject to political correctness and public opinion.  “If it feels right do it” is an old adage from the 60s, and was mostly encouraged by the “free love” hippie culture that was found on most college and university campuses.

But now that culture has become a distorted version of civil rights and an atmosphere of entitlement on a level never seen in this country, and their recourse to those who disagree with them goes beyond mere protests.  The Occupy movement and the Antifa “organizations” are centered in civil unrest and violence.

This is the beginning of a Socialist / Marxist movement in America.  The next 4 years may well be the most critical years of America since the Civil War.