Social Media Blues

I use to jokingly say “Facebook is Evil”, but I’m really beginning to believe it. After it has been brought out that Facebook, Google, and other “famous” companies of social bent have been censoring conservative views and web sites, it seems that perhaps my initial assessment is correct.

And no, I do NOT use Facebook, and I stay away from anything Google as much as possible. The trouble is, like Microsoft, the information-gathering giant has become so entrenched in our daily lives, we are often unaware of the level of involvement in seemingly unrelated sites.

The other social media giant is Twitter. It’s amazing how much trouble people can get themselves into with only 144 characters (now changed to 280 characters for tweet length). The latest victim – and most “victims” bring it upon themselves– is Roseanne Barr, who infamously called Valerie Jarret, the “Obama Guru”, a less than respectful name(s). However, the thing to remember about Roseanne is she is unapologetically a Trump supporter.  While no one should be calling people unflattering names on Twitter, THAT is the real reason ABC canned her show and all the reruns.  (The double standard is obvious:  Dems and liberals can tweet anything, conservatives or Trump supporters can not.)

Our President maintains the most social media presence ever for an elected official. And the liberal news media hates it.

It’s pretty hard to maintain lies and promote misinformation against a truth-tweeting President.

For example, liberals across the nation jumped on the opportunity presented by a photo that showed two children sleeping in a dog cage. It was touted as an example of “racist” Trump and how he is causing illegal immigrant families to be split apart. John Favreau, former speech writer for Obama, and now a political pod-caster, tweeted the photo and said “this is happening now.”

Oops. That particular photo was taken in 2014, during OBAMA’s term. Scott Whitlock of the Media Research Center said “We’ve seen multiple times: people doing something really stupid on Twitter and it blowing up in their face.” It happens on both sides.

Another photo from 4 years ago showed an ICE bus full of car seats, taken by a contractor for ICE. Liberals screamed it was a “prison bus for babies” under the control of the ICE.

Wrong again. The contractor took the photo to show how they take kids on outings to the zoo, the mall, and the park. The libs failed to mention the bus was staffed with a nurse, two teachers, and a case manager.

After 18 months, Trump Derangement Syndrome shows no signs of being cured, and it’s because of the constant barrage of fake news– lies– being fed the American public by the National News Media.

One more example: Julie Davis of the NYT wrongly reported that “only 1,000 people” attended the Presidential rally in Nashville two days ago. Davis, and the NYT, later printed a “correction” without an explanation. Other officials report at least 5,500 people attended the rally.

Davis took to Twitter and bemoaned a kid at the rally screaming “fake news” at the reporters, and said it was “a depressing sight.”

“So the kid who called you fake news was correct then?” someone responded on Twitter.

Correct, indeed.