Failed Education

With the regular occurence of mass shootings in schools, America’s youth have taken it upon themselves to ‘do something about it.’

The march on Washington, D.C. apparently was a “success” depending on who you ask.  But what does it tell us?

The kids are being led down a primrose path.  Many of them don’t have a clue what an “assault weapon” is, and many believe whatever they hear on the national news and read in the newspapers and online.  Add to this the coaching they are no doubt receiving from liberal teachers and reporters and paid instigators, and what you have is a recipe for misguided, misinformed kids being taken advantage of.

So now are we going to see walkouts at schools for every school shooting?  There’s one already planned for the anniversary date of Columbine.  These events draw a lot of attention, but in reality accomplish very little.  Truth be told, many students “join in” just to get out of class; they care not one bit about what happened–at least those who have not had an incident in their own school.

What these kids need to realize–even though they may not believe it — is if gun laws are enacted the way many of them are saying gun laws should be, the school shootings won’t stop, in fact will very likely become more frequent.   Many students and teachers say they don’t want “armed guards” in the hallway, but that is going to be the very result if they are successful in their quest for more strict gun laws.

Many states, if not most, have adequate gun laws on the books.  Maryland is one of the most strict when it comes to gun laws; so is the next “logical” conclusion that guns must be totally banned?  But what about Chicago?  For years owning a handgun was practically impossible there, yet Chicago has one of the highest murder rates in the nation.

Bad guys always have guns no matter what law is in effect.

So now from the ranks of “Never Again” there comes a declaration that “the second amendment is outdated” and in fact, the entire Constitution is not applicable to today.  It was written “for another time” and somehow, the invention of Twitter and Facebook and social media has made it so.  One student said the Founding Fathers “never imagined [social media].”

Social media– or any other media for that matter– does NOT become the law of the land.  In deed, it has become a tool often used for more nefarious reasons than for good.  To  put things like Twitter and Facebook on the same level of the United States Constitution shows a great lack of judgment and understanding.

And therein is the overlaying issue:  Students who have been “educated” in government schools do not have a balanced understanding of the Constitution, nor have many of them been taught to respect American Values.  They don’t really understand what it means to be FREE.

Worse, they have been taught that God has no place in school or government, and that is the greatest failure of American Education today.


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