One-sided Discussion

On NBC news on 11-26-17, the front line story was of course the sexual misconduct of our elected officials.  But after the initial report by anchor Kate Snow, they brought on their “expert” whose name I don’t recall now, but he proceeded to explain how the Republicans were the ones in deep trouble because of the allegations of sexual misconduct against Judge Roy Moore, who is now a senate candidate from Alabama.

It’s amazing how two well-know Democratic congressmen were just named, Franken and Conyers, but the rest of the report centered on the downfall of the Republican candidate, who isn’t even a member of congress yet.  But Franken and Conyers ARE members of congress!!  Funny how that works, isn’t it?  People from both parties are accused, but the discussion becomes blatantly one-sided.

As if the press had any right to judge:  The CEO of Fox went down fast and hard after female employees came forward about his conduct.  Then Charlie Rose of CBS was accused.  And within many of these stories is the statement that a lot of women have been given “hush money” from upper level management  — and congress members — to keep their mouths shut.

It’s not always easy to know what happens to wealthy and powerful men (or any man, for that matter) that makes them think they can treat women with less dignity and respect than they deserve.  I suppose psychiatrists have their learned opinion.

But can we not agree that the old saying “power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely” has a large part in this?

And although it seems this is a problem largely pointed out in men, it does happen with women.  Powerful women have many wants and desires as do powerful men, and can make poor decisions.

The cause of the problem – for both men and women – is Evil.  Lusts and desires that present themselves in moments of opportunity that may or may not be created for that purpose or may just happen, but the result is the same, damaging and long-lasting.

Another word for it is Sin.  In the context of sexual misconduct it is the complete loss of virtue and integrity, ending in a severe drop of self-esteem and much embarrassment  sooner or later for all involved.  The thing about sin is it is always discovered in the end.

You may say that this behavior happens when someone only cares about themselves.  But I disagree somewhat.  When a person stops caring about themselves, they also stop caring about other people; yet when a person stops caring about other people, they no longer care about themselves.  Life becomes dull and meaningless; there’s no real desire to do good for anyone, including ones self.  Virtue tends to deteriorate when not exercised, just like our muscles.  Use it or lose it.

The Bible puts it this way:

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”



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