End Works of History

The NAACP of California has declared war on the Nation Anthem — The Star Spangled Banner — saying it’s racist, anti-black, and not representative of black communities.  Alice Huffman, leader of the California NAACP, said they want a song that “does not disenfranchise part of the American population.

Huffman has fallen into the cult practice of calling everything racist that can be called so, even though there is little or no evidence of it being true.  Declaring it racist because Francis Scott Key, who wrote the anthem, owned slaves, is a stretch of reason if not completely devoid of reason.

Thomas Jefferson was also a slave-owner, but that doesn’t make everything he did “anti-black.”  Some people do things for the greater good of ALL people, setting aside their personal actions and beliefs as pertaining only to themselves, not to all people.

Francis Scott Key was not thinking about what his slaves were doing when he penned the words to our Anthem; that was a part of life that was common to many, many people of his time.

But today that is no longer true; that part of history, while common knowledge, is NOT a common part of American life today.  A song written over two hundred years ago now inspires people to be a part of something greater than themselves in a country that has left behind the wrongful act of owning and selling other human beings.

We have worked to shed the shroud of racism that covers the hearts and minds of men, and we must continue to do so.  We need not allow past sins to conform our thinking, but we should use the good that remains and is evident in the end works of history.  The Star Spangled Banner, The Gettysburg Address, The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution of the United States, these are the works history has spawned, and these are the beliefs and ideas to which we must cling.