Las Vegas

They said it about the Pulse Club shooting in Florida.  Now the media is saying Las Vegas is the “worst mass shooting in U.S. history.” (One report on Foxnews Insider did say “modern” history, which would be correct–sort of.)

They seem to not know U.S. history.  The massacre at the Lakota Pine Ridge Reservation near Wounded Knee Creek on December 29, 1890 still holds the record — as macabre as that sounds — for deaths in a single shooting incident.  The smallest number reported dead is 150 Sioux Indians and 25 American soldiers.  Many historians put the death total much higher.

As of the time of this writing, a motive for the Las Vegas shooting is not known, although ISIS has claimed responsibility and said Paddock converted to Islam months ago.  The FBI for whatever reason refuted that but said they would investigate that claim “to the end.”

We may never know what the motive was, or what influences Steven Paddock submitted to when he committed these murders.

Two things stand out:  The live-in partner of Paddock, Marylou Danley, a woman who appears to be of Hispanic or Middle Eastern descent, was conveniently out of the country when this happened.

And another woman and man was reported by witnesses to have been in the crowd 45 minutes before the shooting, when the woman was shouting something like “they’re all around you, you’re all going to die!”  That woman, too, was described as Hispanic, as was her boyfriend.  Security escorted them out of the concert venue before the shooting started.  Witnesses said it was as if the woman knew something was about to happen.

So once again, gun control is thrust into the political arena and the liberal media is doing it’s best to spin it in the way they want it done.  I found it interesting the national news immediately put up that Paddock “had an active hunting license.”

Perhaps they think the hunting license sent him over the edge?   And of course they mentioned he was a gun owner, and not only that but he bought several guns in California.  It’s making the case that “guns are too easy to get” etc., etc.

Gun owners beware:  this may make Sandy Hook look like a picnic when it comes to the push for gun control.

An Iraq combat veteran who was reportedly at the concert said it was “worse than a skirmish” even “up around Mosul.”  Perhaps he said so because he couldn’t shoot back?  He did what he could to help people and get them to cover.

Acts of heroism, as they always seem to do, came out:  a man took a bullet protecting his wife; she lived, he died.  An older man threw himself over some students to protect them; “I have lived a full life” he said, unlike the 20 year olds he protected.  There were several incidents of people protecting and helping others.  Strangers helping strangers in time of desperation, braving injury and death to help another.

The best characteristics of humanity are brought out by the worst actions of a human.

Those acts of caring are what makes this a great nation.

“Greater love hath no one than this:  to  lay down their life for their friends.” John 15:13